Data Abstract for .NET v9.5

Data Abstract for .NET v9.5
Adds support for RemObjects' Water, Sequential Binary Expressions, plus Pervasive ADO.NET driver.


Feature Release

November 23, 2018 - 17:13
Data Abstract for .NET v9.5
Data Abstract for .NET
  • Features:
    • Support for Data Abstract in Water.
    • Support for Sequential Binary Expressions.
    • Support for Pervasive ADO.NET driver.
  • Enhancements:
    • Improves API for LocalDataAdapter/LocalSchema constructors.
    • Minor improvement in the Schema metadata access.
    • Provides better exception when a data update command is generated for a statement without TargetTable.
    • Scripting: Adds method to execute a command from a scripted event.
  • 81349: Add proper order for categories in the Add New Item... dialog.
  • 81061: Add support for parametrized statements used to retrieve last AutoInc value from database.
  • 80671: Cannot merge table rows back if one of the PK fields has the ServerAutorefresh flag set.
  • 81053: Connection.GetTableFields method fails for Pervasive ADO.NET driver.
  • 81045: ElevateDB driver definition doesn't support command calls and AutoInc table fields.
  • 80788: Forbid to change SessionID for LocalDataAdapter/LocalCommand once its data service has been activated.
  • 81060: Give proper name to the default DB Connections factory.
  • 80761: Local Data Adapters can leak db connections when not properly disposed of.
  • 81413: Remove Silverlight and Windows Phone Silverlight templates.
  • 81147: Scripting: LDA.Execute doesn't return Integer result value if the Schema command call.
  • Switched Elements templates to use EBuild by default.