ComponentOne Studio WinForms 2018 v3

ComponentOne Studio WinForms 2018 v3
New Material Theme Designer, Sparkline control and FlexGrid integration, plus DataFilter control beta release.


Feature Release

November 21, 2018 - 15:06
ComponentOne Studio WinForms 2018 v3
New Material Theme Designer in C1 Studio for WinForms.
  • New Material Theme Designer - In addition to adding Material, Material Dark, and Office 2016 Excel Green themes, WinForms now features a Material Theme Designer sample that allows you to set the primary and accent colours of Material theme and save\load them in C1themes format.
  • New DataFilter control (beta) - A powerful UI addition, the DataFilter provides an easy, ecommerce-like filter to accompany any data-aware control. You can create filters from datasources, autogenerated, or create them manually. The accordion-based filtering UI can be attached to any control sharing a datasource or plugged into an info screen. The DataFilter is in beta mode and will be launched in 2019 v1.
  • New Sparkline control and FlexGrid integration - This lightweight sparkline chart control represents the general shape of data variation in a condensed visual. It's often embedded in grids, and as such, FlexGrid can now display sparklines in columns, and it's now easier to plot trends inside FlexGrid cells. The sparkline property of the FlexGrid column supports plotting line, column, and WinLoss sparklines. You can further customize these sparklines by setting the Axis, markers, and series colours among others.
  • FlexGrid now supports SortInfo and GroupInfo, so column information can now be saved and loaded.
  • Scheduler's table and agenda views are now launched and out of beta.
  • FlexChart now supports animation when loading, updating, and adding new data.