Infragistics Ultimate 18.2

Infragistics Ultimate 18.2
Display and edit hierarchical data with the new Angular TreeGrid.


Feature Release

November 07, 2018 - 12:32
Infragistics Ultimate 18.2
Angular Tree Grid
  • Take your Sketch Designs to the Next Level - With new typography support, styling improvements, support for new controls, such as bullet graph, linear and radial gauges, chips, drop downs, and more.
  • Publish Prototypes Directly from Sketch - Create and share prototypes, start usability studies, and sync your designs with existing prototypes directly from Sketch with the new Indigo.Design Sketch plugin.
  • Convert your Sketch Designs into Angular Code - Install and run the Indigo.Design Code Generator extension for Visual Studio Code to take Sketch designs hosted on the Indigo.Design Cloud and generate pixel-perfect Angular components that include all HTML, SCSS, and TypeScript.
  • Create Microsoft Excel Dashboards with .NET & JavaScript - Create engaging Microsoft Excel dashboards and user-friendly reports with charts and sparklines in your next JavaScript, Windows Forms, or WPF application - all without needing Excel on the client machine.
  • Display and Edit Hierarchical Data with the Angular TreeGrid - The new Angular Tree Grid is a powerful data shaping component that allows you to display and edit multi-column hierarchical data with sorting, filtering, column pinning, column moving, column hiding, paging, and more.
  • Powerful UI Interactions with the Angular Grid - Give your end-users the power of real-time data interactivity with features such as inline editing, sorting, filtering, grouping, searching, multi-column headers, and much more.
  • Best-of-Breed Charts for Financial Services - Exclude custom ranges with scale breaks, focus your data with crosshairs and custom tooltips, annotate important data with callouts, bring focus to the last data point in your data source with Final values, and more in your financial applications.
  • Angular Tooling to Increase your Development Productivity - Write Angular apps faster with productivity tools from Infragistics. Use the Ignite UI Toolbox to generate code, install npm packages, and update modules with the click of a mouse. Learn control APIs with the help of Ignite UI Tooltips and scaffold your entire app straight from the command line with the Ignite UI CLI.