DevExpress DXperience 18.1.7

DevExpress DXperience 18.1.7
Comprehensive software development toolset for .NET and JavaScript. Latest maintenance release.


Feature Release

November 05, 2018 - 9:59
DevExpress DXperience 18.1.7
DevExpress DXperience

DevExpress has released a maintenance update across their entire product range.

  • DevExtreme - JavaScript component suite - latest release improves the Data Grid, Pivot Grid and Tree List controls.
  • DevExpress ASP.NET - Improves DataEditors, GridView, Scheduler and Navigation controls.
  • DevExpress WinForms - Improves Bars, Data Grids, Editors, Reporting, Rich Text Editor and Spreadsheet controls.
  • DevExpress WPF - Improves Bars, Charts, Data Grid, Rich Text Editor and Scheduler controls.
  • DevExpress Reporting - Maintenance release with bug fixes and enhancements.