Telerik Reporting R3 2018

Telerik Reporting R3 2018
Includes pie charts data consolidation, adds PDF/A export and plus email directly from report viewers.


Feature Release

September 14, 2018 - 8:26
Telerik Reporting R3 2018
Telerik Reporting
  • Pie Charts Data Consolidation
    • Increase pie chart readability by consolidating insignificant data in a single slice.
  • PDF/A Export
    • Utilize a highly-compatible version of the PDF format to match end-users' requirements.
  • Email Report from the Web-based Report Viewers
    • Empower end-users to directly initiate e-mail composition including the viewed report as an attachment.
  • Add Missing Values presentation in Graph item
    • Display missing values in Graph’s line and area series in Cartesian coordinate system.
  • HTML5 Report Viewers Improvements
    • Improve client side events arguments
    • New option to initially hide the parameters area
  • Designers
    • Editor cannot be opened for second level properties of type ConditionalFormatting
  • Standalone Report Designer
    • Toggling a tool window from the View item in report's context menu throws an exception
    • Web resources on TLS 1.2 https connection cannot be retrieved
    • SQL DataSource Wizard does not report the actual exception when opening a server report with invalid connection string
  • Web Service Data Source
    • A NullReferenceException is thrown when the WebServiceDataSource's design-time values are not set
    • A security error occurs when using the component in .NET 4.5+ application
    • Setting HTTP content headers with header parameters throws an exception
  • Processing
    • Graph renders the DateTimeScale incorrectly when its Minimum is set to specific values and no data is available
    • Pie chart labels are overlapped regardless there is enough space to distribute them correctly
    • StreamReader is not disposed correctly when using external style sheets
  • Image Rendering
    • Images with small height are not rendered in Picturebox
  • PowerPoint Rendering
    • When report with Graph is exported with UseMetafile set to False the graph appears zoomed when previewed
  • WebAPI
    • NoDataMessage in Graph causes Internal Server Error from the REST Service
    • Value of report parameter that uses Format function loses the format in a viewer
  • HTML5 Report Viewer
    • An error occurs when rendering a Graph with accessibility attributes and NoDataMessage set
    • End-users on Internet Explorer 11 get JS errors for undefined includes() function
    • Incorrect error message for invalid parameter values
    • Page Number Input field reloads with the default parameters.
    • The viewer hangs at '0 pages loaded so far...' when using a custom report resolver that throws exception
  • Angular Report Viewer
    • Missing telerikReportViewer.kendo.min error on serve
    • Search dialog is not opening
  • WPF Report Viewer
    • Visual Studio designer does not load