ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2018 v2

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2018 v2
Adds new Dashboard Layout control, new charts, grid enhancements and more.


Feature Release

July 20, 2018 - 9:04
ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2018 v2
ComponentOne Studio Enterprise

New Controls

  • Build BI dashboards with Dashboard Layout for WinForms and ASP.NET MVC
    • Embed ComponentOne's data controls and design dynamic screens and business intelligence dashboards with the interactive Dashboard Layout control. You can choose layouts that fit your screen requirements, and built-in features like drag and drop, maximize and restore, save and load layouts, and conversion of existing layouts provide a powerful layout system.
  • TabPanel for ASP.NET MVC
    • The TabPanel navigation control, released in Wijmo v1, has now been wrapped for ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Core apps. It's a simple, effective navigation control that allows the user to move between refreshed content views. Controls can be embedded into the panels.
  • New Barcodes in WinForms, WPF, and UWP including:
    • Code 11
    • SSCC 18
    • HIBCode128
    • HIBCode39
    • ISBN
    • ISSN
    • ISMN
    • Iata25
    • BC 412
    • PZN
    • Plessey
    • Pharmacode
    • IntelligentMailPackage
    • Telepen
    • ITF 14

Data Visualization Enhancements
FlexChart has added several new charts to the collection of over 80 charts and variations.

  • HeatMap chart - This specialized chart represents data values using colors, and is especially useful in plotting large, complex data. Customizations include gradient color scale, gradient color axis, and a discrete color scale.
  • New histogram variations
    • Frequency Polygon, a variation of histogram chart where the columns are replaced by a curve that's helpful for comparing multiple sets of data.
    • Gaussian/Bell curve, a bell-shaped curve in histogram chart that shows the probability distribution of a continuous random variable.
    • Cumulative mode, a variation in histogram and Frequency Polygon chart that shows the running total of frequencies on the chart.
  • Axis enhancements
    • Automatic AxisGrouping for DateTime axis
    • Expand/collapse axis groups
    • Provision for specifying calendar periods as Major/Minor units
    • Provision for specifying Min/Max axis labels
  • Additional enhancements
    • Line Marker: Allows moving/dragging of line markers after its horizontal/vertical positions has been changed
    • FlexChart for WinForms: Improved Area chart performance for large data points in DirectX mode
    • FlexChart for Xamarin improvements
      • Improved iOS animation by adding implicit conversion from CAMediaTimingFunction to C1Easing
      • Improved designer appearance of Sunburst
      • Added Histogram chart
  • New overlay in FinancialChart
    • FinancialChart now supports ichimoku cloud, an overlay designed to tell everything at one glance about the price trend, including its direction, momentum, dynamic support and resistance levels, and even trade signals.

Platform Enhancements


  • FlexGrid Dynamic Grouping
    • Dynamic grouping automatically sorts the data, splits it into groups, and adds collapsible group rows above or below each group. The group rows may include aggregate values for one or more columns. Grouping can make this data easier to understand, navigate, and analyze. You can add grouping using the new GroupDescriptions property.
  • FlexGrid Group Panel
    • Dynamic grouping was expanded to include a Group Panel control, which enables run time grouping in FlexGrid. You can drag column headers into the panel to create groups, drag groups to new positions, and use the context menu to collapse all, expand all, or clear grouping.
  • FlexGrid star-sizing
    • The latest version of the FlexGrid control for WinForms adds a powerful and convenient feature that has been available in other versions of the FlexGrid for quite a while: star-sizing. Star-sizing allows you to specify the width of a column with respect to the total width available.
  • MultiSelect enhancements
    • MultiSelect now supports an Auto Suggest Mode and AutoCompleteMode feature that helps users search an item in the MultiSelect. The AutoSuggest mode has three options: Default, StartsWith and Contains. The AutoCompleteMode has Suggest, Append and SuggestAppend options.
  • Scheduler includes table view and agenda view
    • Scheduler's new samples include Office 2016 table and agenda views. TableView displays appointments in a table view that can be grouped, sorting, or filtered as specified by the developer or end user. It's similar to the Outlook 2016 List and Active views
    • AgendaView displays appointments grouped by date in a table view where a single table row represents a single appointment. Users can edit appointments by double-clicking on an appointment and opening the EditAppointment dialog. This view is always sorted by dates in ascending order, and doesn’t have row or column headers.
  • Additional enhancements
    • FlexPivot includes new ShowAS functions that improve compatibility between cross-platform FlexPivot implementations.
    • Barcode additions mentioned above .
    • PdfDocumentSource now supports CFF Fonts. If you have PDF Files that use CFF Fonts, these files will now load correctly in FlexViewer in all platforms.
    • FlexChart includes new charts mentioned above.


  • MultiSelect enhancements
    • Group feature
    • Keyboard support
    • Themes support (WPF only)
    • New AutoCompleteMode and AutoSuggestMode properties
  • Expres​​​sion Editor enhancements
    • Added toolbar button for quotes
    • Added the ability to remove items from 'Category Selection' in C1ExpressionEditorPanel
    • Added support for custom functions
  • Additional enhancements
    • DataGrid for WPF: Added keyboard shortcut for Cut (Ctrl+X) function in C1DataGrid
    • TreeView for WPF: Added support for external Drag&Drop using and firing standard Drag&Drop events
    • Input​ for WPF: Added a property in C1MenuItem that’s the same as InputGestureText of MS MenuItem
    • PdfDocumentSource now supports CFF Fonts. If you have PDF Files that use CFF Fonts, these files will now load correctly in FlexViewer in all platforms.
    • FlexChart includes new charts mentioned above.


  • New controls! TabPanel and Dashboard Layout; see above.
  • Material Theme Designer Sample
    • This interactive sample allows you to select primary and accent colors for your app, and produces the CSS you'll need to implement the styles for a Material Design app.
  • FlexGrid Multi-line editing
    • By setting a column's multiline property to true, you can implement multi-line editing in a single FlexGrid cell. The control now recognizes a newline character (/n), and ALT+ENTER now acts as a line break, as in Excel.
  • FlexSheet support for Excel-like tables
    • ASP.NET MVC's lightweight spreadsheet, FlexSheet, now supports Excel-like tables for selected ranges of cells. You can bind data directly to the table in the data source.
  • Microsoft SSAS Cube support in OLAP
    • Wijmo's support for SSAS Cubes has come to ASP.NET MVC! The ASP.NET MVC PivotEngine now allows you to connect directly to OLAP cubes provided by SSAS servers. Previously, a DataEngine WebAPI was required to connect to SSAS Cubes, and now that's built directly into the OLAP control. You can continue to use DataEngine WebAPI to analyze very large datasets from varied sources. OLAP control is included in ComponentOne Studio Enterprise.
  • FlexViewer supports ActiveReports
    • ASP.NET MVC FlexViewer now supports ActiveReports. Set the ActiveReports ServiceURL, FilePath, and ReportName properties in FlexViewer to view ActiveReports. In addition, PdfDocumentSource now supports CFF Fonts. If you have PDF Files that use CFF Fonts, these files will now load correctly in FlexViewer in all platforms.