Infragistics Ultimate UI for WPF 18.1 Build 18.1.20181.176

Infragistics Ultimate UI for WPF 18.1 Build 18.1.20181.176
Improves SpreadSheet, Financial Chart and DataGrid controls.


Feature Release

July 13, 2018 - 8:35
Infragistics Ultimate UI for WPF 18.1 Build 18.1.20181.176
Infragistics Ultimate UI for WPF

Busy Indicator

  • During xamBusyIndicator display, Perform RestAPI and change isTabStop according to the result. But isTabStop can't changed.

Category Chart

  • CategoryChart adds each series twice.


  • Elements not in Visual Tree can have Bindings attached An issue was found where the TitleSettings on an Axis would have no binding context.  This has been corrected.


  • If a null value is added to the ItemsSource, it shows up very small and when hovered, blanks out the drop-down.
  • Interface inheritance causes NullException when filtering.
  • Horizontal scrollbar is missing even though the test on menu item exceeds dropdown width.
  • SelectedItems do not update correctly if bound collection updates while drop-down is open.
  • SelectionChanged is not fired item is deselected.


  • The TypeConverter for BrushCollection doesn't support a lone brush. A scenario where attempting to provide a single string value from XAML for a BrushCollection typed property would result in no brushes has been resolved.


  • XamDataChart CrosshairLayer on wrong place when zoomed in for TimeXAxis.
  • BarSeries ScrollIntoView is broken.
  • ArgumentException occurs when changing theme.


  • When using a XamMultiColumnComboEditor as the editor for a TemplateField, auto editing does not place the cursor inside the combo and the first key-stroke is lost.
  • When there is TextWrapping on a Field with a star width, exporting the grid to XPS results in an incorrect view.
  • When multiple DateTime fields are present, typing the filter operand does not work correctly.
  • Special records appear to not be recycled correctly when changing the DataSource and setting RecordContainerRetentionMode to retain permanently.
  • In some cases, when switching the data source of the XamDataGrid, the vertical scrollbar disappears when it should be visible.
  • Using XamDataGrid ListModel Scrolling in Filterpopup causes StackOverflowException.
  • UITestControlNotFoundException when using Coded UI.
  • NullReferenceException occasionally occurring when setting all record visibilities to collapsed.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when IME input is used on a read only cell.
  • Field labels occasionally wrap when auto-sized.
  • Slow performance when switching tabs after filtering or changing the data source on an out-of-view grid.


  • BindingExpression path error occurs when clicking filter row to the XamDataGrid, when Office2013 theme is applied.
  • Slow performance when exporting. Optimized both DataPresenter Excel export logic as well as serialization logic when exporting and serializing huge numbers of cells.
  • Records are not grouped correctly (Last Month, Last Week, Today, etc).


  • XamDiagramToolbox causes design and runtime exceptions when no width is set.
  • ZIndex property of diagram items does not do anything.


  • When IsModal = true and placed in a XamDockManager or other container, interactivity of controls outside of that container stops.


  • When AcceptsTab is false, the tab key does not move to the next control.


  • RATE function results in a NUM error for a formula that results in a valid rate in Excel.
  • Applying a Top/Bottom percentage filter doesn't work correctly.
  • Unhandled ArgumentOutOfRangeException with filter applied on a sheet with a table.
  • Unhandled NullReferenceException when trying to copy after Delete all, when spreadsheet has comment.
  • Workbook.Load throws NullReferenceException when a shape with text is present.

Financial Chart

  • FinancialChart does not export position of chart panes and toolbar pickers realtive to the whole control.
  • FinancialChart does not render multiple indicators with different brushes.
  • FinancialChart does not render multiple indicators with different display types/modes.
  • FinancialChart and DataChart do not render axis line next to axis labels when location is set to right side.
  • FinancialChart does not render major gridlines on xAxis in zoom chart pane.
  • Property descriptions do not appear in the property window for XamFinancialChart.
  • FinancialChart renders last 2 columns too close to each other in VolumePane.
  • FinancialChart does not apply OverlayBrushes and OverlayOutlines to 2nd overlay.
  • FinancialChart renders 2nd financial series with wrong fill/outline/trendline colors.
  • FinancialChart does not use the same colors for overlays and volume series as it does for financial series and trendlines.
  • FinancialChart throws ArgumentOutOfRange error when a data item does not have all OHLC data columns.
  • Setting IsWindowSyncedToVisibleRange range throwsArgumentOutOfRangeException.
  • FinancialChart does not render series in VolumePane with default brushes.
  • FinancialChart does not render some visuals of series in zoom slider.
  • Zoomslider has markers on by default for line series.
  • There is no XamFinancialChart available in the toolbox.
  • When IsWindowSyncedToVisibleRange is set to true Price Pane does not properly resize after Volume Pane is hidden.
  • When XAxisMode is set to time it ignores other axis settings such as title, stroke(color, thickness), font(weight, color, bold).
  • When YAxisMode is set to PercentChange it ignores other axis settings such as title, stroke(color, thickness), font(weight, color, bold).
  • FinancialChart should not show title on y-axis in all indicator panes.
  • Chart does not look correct when setting Themes using Theme Manager.
  • First indicator axis is not consistent (named indicatorXAxis when using timeX but indicatorXAxis_0 otherwise).


  • Help folder missing.
  • Cannot run any of the version free sample exes.


  • When scrolling, occasionally the cells will get misaligned with large grids.
  • If ColumnWidth is set to "*" hiding all columns also hides the ColumnChooser.
  • When a pre-existing filter is present, the FilterMenu does not always work correctly.
  • Blank row appears on the bottom when a cell is navigated by Down key.
  • Grid unexpectedly scrolls horizontally when expanding a group.
  • Invalid Indexer specified from column key using brackets.
  • Getting InvalidCastException using XamGrid with multiple groupings and binding the grid with CollectionViewSource.
  • XamGrid getting InvalidCastException after refresh the ListCollectionView.
  • When the under key is pressed, the horizontal scroll moves. Only Windows 7.
  • GetChildrenCore based on VisibleCells only (excluding Fixed Cells).
  • Live instances of CellControl remain the same after resizing window.
  • Loading data takes about 40 percent longer in 17.2.
  • NullReferenceException when filtering using the FilterMenu and selecting a single entry.
  • XamGrid is not displayed properly.
  • When expanding multiple nested groups with a column only partially in view, the column scrolls into view without updating the scroll information.
  • Null Reference Exception when refreshing the ItemsSource when a sort is present when using ICustomTypeDescriptor.
  • Blank row appears under GroupBy row when cells are navigated by Down key.
  • When the up key is pressed, the horizontal scroll moves.


  • XamMaskedEditor mask h not working.


  • Menu items hover flashes for a second and then disappears.


  • XamNumericEditor value is skipped from 0 to -1.99 when you click DecrementSpinButton. if It's set "{double:-8.2}" on Mask .


  • Some tick marks blink when the value is continuously updated and if there are many gauges running at the same time. A WPF rendering limitation has been worked around in the WPF radial gauge.


  • XamRibbonWindow title moves off to the right when ResizeMode is set to NoResize.
  • Window close buttons are different if a RibbonWindowContentHost.Ribbon is present versus when it isn't in Windows 7 when using a classic theme.
  • Classic minimum/maximum/close buttons and underbar appear on title bar when the OS is Windows 7, its theme is classic and the application theme is Office 2013.


  • The checked states of the checboxes is applied on lost focus.
  • Groupboxes's headers in the AppointmentDialog are not styled correctly.


  • Column widths are different from a template Excel if DPI scale for Windows display is not 100%.
  • XamSpreadsheet from toolbox does not add required Editors assembly.
  • XamSpreadSheet crashes on loading a theme using ThemeManager.
  • Spreadsheet crashes when trying to load the format cells menu.
  • An exception occurs when conditional formats with formulas that were created via a paste operation are evaluated.
  • Unhandled InvalidOperationException on undo after invalid filter.
  • Unhandled IndexOutOfRangeException on Format cells after Select All + Delete.
  • Unhandled NullReferenceException when deleting spreadsheet and undoing, with grouped shapes.
  • Unhandled ArgumentException when deleting rows after trying to apply filter (xamSpreadsheet assembly).
  • Long text in shape is displayed outside the shape.
  • Table formatting is lost on Copy/Paste.
  • Row is hidden when trying to apply filter on certain empty cells.
  • Not possible to delete table.
  • Unhandled InvalidOperationException when deleting table rows.
  • Checkbox Shrink should get disabled when text alignment is Justify.
  • Color is not applied to cell when in combination with other formatting.
  • Normal font not unchecked when applying other options. Resolved an issue in the Spreadsheet FormatCellsDialog Font tab where the IsNormalFont checkbox was not always properly maintained by the dialog.
  • Selecting Calibri triggers Normal font. Resolved an issue in the Spreadsheet FormatCellsDialog Font tab where the IsNormalFont checkbox was not always properly maintained by the dialog.
  • Currency format not preserved when manipulating Decimal places.
  • Accounting format not under Category but in description.
  • Unhandled ArgumentOutOfRangeException after deleting the first group of worksheet columns.
  • Odd message when pasting a table next to another table.
  • Possible to apply invalid filter after table shift.
  • Unhandled ArgumentException after deleting filtered table cells, upon Undo
  • Not possible to add a new sheet while the focus is in Named cells.
  • Drag down and Deletion not possible /not displayed/ in Conditional Formatting data until vertical scrollbar used.
  • Unhandled InvalidOperationException after Convert to range and Undo/Redo, when a table has Totals row.
  • Spreadsheet becomes unresponsive on Cut - Select All – Paste.
  • Mouse wheel up does not show the header when lots of contiguous rows are hidden.
  • Unhandled 'System.ArgumentNullException' at InfragisticsWPF4.Documents.Excel on Undo after deleting spreadsheet containing table with comments.
  • Copying spreadsheet rows that contain hidden table rows distorts the spreadsheet.
  • Application freezes after Cut/Paste of spreadsheet rows containing table.
  • A line appears after a shape has been hidden.
  • XamSpreadsheet performance issue using double click.
  • Not possible to merge merged cells.
  • Fill is lost when cells with different Fill are merged.
  • Indent is available for alignment other than Left and Right.
  • Normal font is lost on Paste.
  • Pasting Font over a cell that has content is not immediately applied.
  • Unhandled InvalidOperationException at InfragisticsWPF4.Undo.v18.1.dll after deleting a table and a textbox.
  • Impossible to paste a table with hyperlinks after column was deleted.
  • Spreadsheet gets unresponsive after copy and delete (table with hyperlinks).
  • XamSpreadsheet causing ArgumentException when selecting merged cell using shift key.
  • Formula bar is not updated after Convert to range and Delete Totals row.
  • Data is lost after Cut/Paste in a table except for the first column.
  • ContextMenuProvider is not honoured.


  • Tooltip style does not set ContentTemplate for internal ContentPresenter. Added an explcicit Tooltip style to Thumb Slider and fixed the content presenter so custom content can be applied to the tooltip.
  • WPF Theme assemblies do not contain resource dictionaries for FinancialChart and ZoomSlider.


  • A maximum of seven event entries can be shown for a single point in the timeline, even if there is room for more. The constraint on the number of XamTimeline event titles in one spot was removed.

Version Utility

  • Version Utility Product Version is not updated.


  • FinancialChart shows wrong mouse cursors over elements of ZoomSlider.