Infragistics Ultimate UI for Window Forms 18.1 Build 18.1.20181.177

Infragistics Ultimate UI for Window Forms 18.1 Build 18.1.20181.177
Improves Chart, Grid and Excel controls.


Feature Release

July 13, 2018 - 8:47
Infragistics Ultimate UI for Window Forms 18.1 Build 18.1.20181.177
Infragistics Ultimate UI for Window Forms


  • Opacity does not function for ScatterAreaSeries.
  • NullReferenceException when getting the StackedColumnSeries default tooltip.
  • NullReferenceException encountered when binding data to RingSeries.


  • In UltraCombo if the contents are wider than the dropdown, AutoFitStyle is ignored.


  • Screen reader does not read checked state of checkboxes in dropdown.
  • Pressing Alt+F4 on a combo with multiple selection enabled in an MDI form does not close the application.


  • Showing tooltips on any series the UltraDataChart throws a NullReferenceException.
  • NullReferenceException occurs when a tooltip is displayed.
  • Background color does not reset to expected color.


  • MonthDropDownWithUIPermissions holding onto memory.


  • The alert caption in UltraDesktopAlert is being cut off and also not align right.


  • In UltraDoughnutChart on RingSeriesBase we do not have option to set the font.


  • In ultraNumericEditor assigning FormatProvider directly, failing the validation.


  • Unable to load Excel file with page breaks.
  • ArgumentNullException thrown when loading an excel file.
  • Infragistics.Documents.Excel.FormulaParseException: 'The worksheet range does not specify a second worksheet name.' when opening excel file.


  • UltraExplorerBar ItemClick event not being fired when setting RightToLeft option.
  • UltraExplorerBar RTL - vertical scroll bar space appears to the right and vertical scroll bar been hidden with the group area.


  • IndexOutOfRangeException when disposing.
  • ParentTaskCollection refers to wrong collection when using "Add sub-task" option.


  • When grouping and using an ExpansionIndicator override with connector lines, the lines are rendered incorrectly.
  • Clicking on header to sort causes continuous resizing.
  • Buttons on few support dialogs are not getting resized to fit the new resource strings when the dialogs are localized.
  • The ColumnChooser need a refresh to update the edited column headers.
  • Application should not crash when regular expression is passed as custom filter text.
  • Error on MultiSelection DropDownList.
  • Performance issue when using CalcManager formulas in a grid column whose DataType is Nullable Decimal.
  • Using UI automation from Coded Ui does not receive updates of the layout.
  • ColumnChooser is not working as a PopupControlContainer.
  • Dropdown does not show in specific circumstance.
  • Auto sizing with EditorCompoment in UltraGridColumn is not correct.
  • The CustomFilterDialog is not scaled properly when DPI is above 100%.
  • Cell height is not calculated correctly when using multiline text and enabling icon.
  • In right-to-left mode, moving columns behaves incorrectly.


  • Divide by zero error in print preview dialog with calendar.
  • Binding the Tasks to DataTable that has a Constraint raises a InvalidConstraintException when printing.


  • After maximizing a few times the progress bar disappears.


  • The appointment dialog dropdown doesn't select the time nearest the current value.


  • Drawing a Sparkline control immediately after setting the DataSource draws with the old DataSource.


  • AutoSizing all columns in the Spreadsheet works for all but the last column.
  • Text is being cut off from the front.


  • MDI child tabs no longer appear in Inspect util after switching tools in ultratabmanager.


  • Tab repositioning throws error on non-displayed tabs.


  • TextEditor inside UltraControlContainerEditor in the UltraGrid is not displaying the correct text after changing grid datasource.


  • Maximized docked form using Office2013 style shows a line from UltraToolbarsDockAreaResizeUIElement.


  • UltraMonthViewSingle current Week is showing wrong number as 53.


  • UltraGrid scrollbars are hidden when ZoomFactor is reset to 1.