DevExpress Reporting 17.2.8

DevExpress Reporting 17.2.8
Reporting for all major .NET Platforms including WinForms, ASP.NET and WPF. Latest maintenance release.


Feature Release

May 14, 2018 - 9:18
DevExpress Reporting 17.2.8
DevExpress Reporting


  • A formatting rule doesn't work in a specific scenario in version 17.2.
  • An exception occurs on an attempt to export a report with merged table cells to a PDF file.
  • Cell borders are hidden in a PDF file if nested tables are used in a report.
  • Conversion Tool - 'The schema does not contain the following relation column' error occurs on editing the query of the report that was converted from a specific Crystal report.
  • Report Designer - The "Values" option is not visible in the "Expression Editor" window.
  • The font size of the XRRichText control is not maintained on repeated pages.
  • XRGauge - ActualValue, TargetValue, Minimum and Maximum properties do not receive their values at runtime when expression bindings are used.
  • XRLabel cannot be hidden in the report (the Visible property is ignored) if this label is bound to the summary expression.
  • XtraPrinting - Reopening the same document produces different visual appearance (the XRRichText issue).
  • XtraReport - Document creation fails with the NullReferenceException (XRPivotGrid issue).
  • XtraReport - XRRichText incorrectly renders a Word document that contains frame objects.
  • XtraReports - A second XPCollection is added each time a report is opened in the End-User Report Designer (IDataSerializer issue).


  • Items in the Query Builder dialog are invisible if the "Office 2010 Black" application theme is used.
  • Report Designer - The Field List is not updated when adding a new query.
  • The System.InvalidOperationException "Print preview sequence contains no elements" exception occurs while previewing an empty document if the page layout is set to two pages.
  • WPF Report Designer - ArgumentNullException is thrown after removing the GroupHeader band for the report that was converted from Legacy Data Bindings to Expressions.
  • WPF Report Designer - The XRCheckBox control's Text property is empty when this control is dragged from the toolbox.
  • XRChart's size keeps expanding when changing values in the designer if the report's ReportUnit property was changed.