PHP Tools for Visual Studio 1.26.10606

PHP Tools for Visual Studio 1.26.10606
Improved Twig integration, plus added editor support for structure guide lines in Visual Studio 2017.


Feature Release

March 07, 2018 - 9:36
PHP Tools for Visual Studio 1.26.10606
Structure Guidelines and Twig Integration for PHP Tools for Visual Studio.
  • Reporting of PHP4 style constructs deprecation.
  • IntelliSense handles files changed outside IDE.
  • Refactoring of indirectly used constants.
  • Refactoring improvements and fixes.
  • On file save warn user about data loss if saving in encoding which doesn't include needed characters
  • Reading php.ini short_open_tag option and parse the code accordingly when PHP build-in server is used.
  • vararg @param type hint treated as array type as well
  • Twig
    • Twig support optimizations and improvements.
    • Twig split view UI improvements.
    • Twig split view can be disabled in options.
    • Twig design view (experimental).
    • Twig design view macros and imports (experimental).
  • Twig (Visual Studio 2017)
    • Twig blocks work inside CSS blocks.
  • Debug
    • Minor remote debugging improvements.
  • Editor
    • Support for structure guide lines in Visual Studio 2017.
  • Smarty (Visual Studio 2015 and newer)
    • Optimizations and other enhancements.
    • Smarty blocks work inside CSS blocks.
  • Fix of Visual Studio startup freezing.
  • Fix for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 15.6.0 Preview 1.0 (and newer).
  • Fix of Test Explorer with custom non-standard phpunit config.
  • Fix of possible deadlock when used with Resharper.
  • Fix of Test Explorer when runing tests without phpunit.config.
  • Fix of Legacy Import from Existing Code option.
  • Twig
    • Minor fix when non existing filter is used.
  • Debug
    • Fix: Hovering on function arguments or initializers could alter execution of the program.
    • Fix: Debugger didn't step after hiting a breakpoint set in the first statement of the program.
  • Editor
    • Fix: HTML formatting eats whitespace when triming text elements.
  • Composer
    • Fixes Install New package dialog when number of results is greater than 750.