DevExpress Reporting 17.2.6

DevExpress Reporting 17.2.6
Maintenance release includes several bug fixes.


Feature Release

March 06, 2018 - 14:33
DevExpress Reporting 17.2.6
DevExpress Reporting

ASP.NET Web Forms

  • ASPxReportDesigner - Highlighting the Field List's entries with the mouse freezes the browser.


  • The calling thread cannot access this object because a different thread owns it - error occurs on an attempt to scroll a report using the mouse wheel.
  • End-User Report Designer - An expression binding doesn't work when it is specified via a control's smart tag or the Expression Editor if a data member uses the DisplayName attribute.
  • End-User Report Designer - System.NullReferenceException is thrown when closing an empty String Collection Editor of a control.
  • NullReferenceException occurs on an attempt to set the theme for DocumentPresenterControl in the Window.Loaded event handler.
  • QueryBuilder does not save a parameter type in a SQL query.
  • The System.InvalidOperationException "Print preview sequence contains no elements" exception occurs while previewing an empty document if the page layout is set to two pages.
  • WPF Report Designer - The search popup window has a wrong title.
  • WPF Report Designer - The XRPageInfo.Format property editor shows a validation error.
  • The DocumentPreviewControl incorrectly draws borders of report controls when the screen resolution is set to 125%.


  • DetailReport's filter affects an unrelated chart that uses the same data.
  • Document Generation - A control stays visible if its Visible property is set to False in the BeforePrint event handler in a specific report layout.
  • DocumentPreview - Print Dialog's start position is not correct when TouchUI is enabled.
  • DocumentViewer - An editor appears at a wrong place if the XtraReport.CreateDocument method is called when the editor is active
  • DocumentViewer - Parameters panel width is too small on high DPI screens.
  • End-User Report Designer - Formatting of XRRichText content is lost after changing font properties.
  • End-User Report Designer - It is impossible to specify a drill-down control if the XtraReport instance is loaded into the designer at runtime.
  • End-User Report Designer - Report Wizard doesn't add a bound control if a field is of the enumeration type.
  • End-User Report Designer - The 'Field List' is scrolled to a data source and the data source is selected when renaming a calculated field.
  • Export to DOCX - ArgumentOutOfRangeException occurs on an attempt to export a report with Rich Text containing a specific bookmark.
  • Export to Image - EMF metafiles are rasterized if they are used as the report's Watermark.
  • Expression Bindings - It is not possible to affect the summary calculation result (e.g., calculate a custom summary).
  • Import - System.InvalidOperationException is thrown on importing an MDB file to a report.
  • Inherited Reports - A parameter in an inherited report is serialized with a default type value even if the parameter in the base report has a default value.
  • Interactive sorting resets parameters in the report preview.
  • Report Controls - A default value for the XRLabel.Padding and XRCheckBox.Padding property is different.
  • Report Designer - Calling the "NewReportWizard" command in code results in NullReferenceException.
  • Report Designer - FilterString takes an incorrect filter after copying and then pasting a correct filter in the Filter Editor.
  • Report Parameter can't be evaluated once a report datasource is bound to a dataset.
  • System.InvalidOperationException is thrown when exporting a report with specific RTF content to DOCX using the 'Single File' export mode.
  • The BeforePrint event fires in the custom XRSubreport control even if the PrintEventArgs.Cancel property is set to true in the overridden BeforePrint event.
  • The PdfExportOptions.AdditionalMetadata property value can be set in the property grid of the End-User Report Designer.
  • The XRChart.SeriesSorting property setting is not effective in design mode.
  • The XRSubreport.CanShrink property doesn't work.
  • Visual Studio Report Designer crashes if the DesignerSettings.xml file is invalid, empty or missing.
  • Visual Studio Report Designer crashes with the type ambiguity if there are two projects of different DevExpress versions in the solution.
  • XRChart - A wrong series data filter leads to an incorrectly generated document.
  • XRChart - An incorrect series data filter is displayed as a correct in a specific scenario.
  • Export to Excel rasterizes Windows Metafiles.
  • Suppressing the printing through the e.Cancel parameter does not work correctly for GroupHeaderBands.
  • The FillDataSources method performance is low for a DataSet with a large number of DataTables.
  • The Page Summary value is not correct when there is a subreport in a DetailBand.
  • XtraReport generated through the Label Report Wizard is not refreshed immediately.
  • XtraReport that has no Detail band is not populated with data.