Infragistics Ultimate UI for Window Forms 17.2 Build 17.2.20172.2006

Infragistics Ultimate UI for Window Forms 17.2 Build 17.2.20172.2006
Maintenance release includes several bug fixes.


Feature Release

January 08, 2018 - 16:06
Infragistics Ultimate UI for Window Forms 17.2 Build 17.2.20172.2006
Infragistics Ultimate UI for Window Forms
  • Common
    • Loading layout with ‘Office2007Black.isl’ causes issue.
    • Toolbar throws parameter not valid exception when deactivating modal form.
    • ButtonTool has Text clipped with TextVAlign set to Bottom.
    • Modal window title flickers when suggestion list is clicked.
    • Text on the Ribbon tabs is not vertically aligned as some tabs are higher than the other tabs.
  • Document Engine
    • Attempting to publish a report after setting permissions results in an exception.
  • Excel Engine
    • WorksheetCell’s CellFormat.FormatString should be “h:mm” instead of “H:mm” when a cell’s data is TimeSpan.
    • Excel throws NullReferenceException while loading workbook with VBA macros.
    • XLSX file needs to be saved in MS Excel after open and save in IG Excel Library.
    • ArgumentOutOfRangeException when loading Workbook.
    • When Excel document is loaded, object reference exception is being thrown.
  • UltraCalendarInfo
    • BeforeDisplayReminderDialog is being fired twice for a Variance.
  • UltraDockManager
    • With DragWindowStyle is set to Outline, there are trail marks left on screen when docked control is dragged.
  • UltraEditors
    • DropDownButton for UltraComboEditor does not scale with the DPI when display is not Standard.
    • UltraCheckBox is clipped when placed into FlowLayoutPanel with DPI of 125%.
    • Using keyboard does not toggle between valid options when using MRU list.
    • Cannot set value when cell is not in edit mode.
    • NullText UI Role is not applied to UltraDateTimeEditor.
  • UltraExplorerBar
    • Notification Badges do not render correctly in RTL mode.
  • UltraFormattedLinkLabel
    • UltraFormattedLinkLabel throws ArgumentException when scrolling content or resizing container form.
  • UltraFormattedTextEditor
    • Inserting hyperlink next to an italicized non-breaking space using ShowLinkDialog causes text to be removed.
  • UltraGanttView
    • Possible memory leak when programmatically adding/removing tasks and projects.
  • UltraGrid
    • Excel throws ArgumentException when style filter popup is opened and there is a cell whose value is equal to resource strings “RowFilterDropDownAllItem” or “RowFilterDropDownBlanksItem”..
    • Images and text overlap at certain widths when when using combination of images and text in cell.
    • Grouping by multiple columns when summaries are present leads to exception in CalcEngine.
    • External summaries are not exported to Excel when using External Summary Calculator.
  • UltraListView
    • NullReferenceException occurs when calling ResetItems() or ResetSubItemColumns().
    • Blank line at the end of the list gets higher compared to the previous version.
  • UltraPivotGrid
    • PivotGrid throws FormatException when converted dimension is a numeric type (Integer).
  • UltraSpreadSheet
    • UltraSpreadsheet freezes during horizontal scrol when selecting with a mouse.
  • UltraToolbarsManager
    • With Office2013 theme, it is difficult to resize inactive form when FormDisplayStyle is RoundedSizable.
    • When Assigning a value to the BackColor Appearance of the NotificationBadage an error is thrown.
    • Japanese input text is set to unexpected textbox when clicking on the suggestion box under the specific conditions.
  • UltraTree
    • Cannot expand child node.
    • Calling Update on a Node in the CellValueChanged event raises a NullReferenceException.
  • UltraZoomPanel
    • UltraControlContainerEditor does not display correctly in UltraZoomPanel.