ReSharper 2017.3

ReSharper 2017.3
Adds Performance Guide for fine-tuning ReSharper and Visual Studio settings.


Feature Release

December 21, 2017 - 10:02
ReSharper 2017.3
Local variables are now displayed in the editor.
  • Debugger features - New debugging features for Visual Studio: local variables, current line expressions, and function return values are now displayed in the editor. This provides immediate feedback during debugging sessions without leaving the code editor. ReSharper also comes with its own debugger DataTips that enable you to search for any value. Just start typing, and get search results right there and then.
  • Performance Guide - ReSharper's Performance Guide collects Visual Studio and ReSharper settings that could negatively affect performance, and helps you adjust them in a centralized manner to improve the overall IDE responsiveness.
  • Huge code formatting engine update - The code formatting engine has been extended with several new settings for more flexible formatting and to cover more use cases:
    • Options to outdent binary operators, dots and commas.
    • Option for "Nested ternary expression style".
    • Option to insert blank lines before/after statements, depending on their contents.
    • Improved alignment of nested binary expressions and chained method calls.
    • Line Breaks and Wrapping options to place attributes on same line/previous line, specify arrangement of attributes.
    • Options to specify single-line/multi-line formatting for expression-bodied members.
    • Options for embedded blocks of code.
    • HTML formatter has new options for linebreaks before multiline elements or even before all elements.
  • Aligning code in columns - Implemented a set of requested features around aligning code.
  • Enable/disable formatter on selected blocks - In this release, ReSharper prevents code formatting from running on a block of code surrounded by specific comments.
  • Improved Extract Method refactoring - A revised Extract Method refactoring adds support for C# 6 and C# 7. Specifically, support for local functions has been added, there's now an option to return value tuples instead of out parameters, and the refactoring now works in expression-bodied members.
  • Create and navigate to breakpoints/tracepoints efficiently - Create breakpoints or tracepoints right from search results in the Find Results window. You can quickly generate breakpoints for all the occurrences of a code entity you would like to debug. Also, the new release adds a new Breakpoints menu which shows you all the available breakpoints/tracepoints in the solution. The menu supports searching/deleting any of them directly or opening the list in a separate tool window. The new R# Breakpoints tool window supports a lot of actions with breakpoints/tracepoints:
    • Grouping in different ways (file/folder/project/type/member).
    • Removing/disabling/enabling a single item or a group of items.
    • Searching for them.
  • Find Usages/Call Tracking update - The Find Results tool window brings support of multi-line occurrences. The presentation has been changed to show context as a single line in the result tree. Now it is easy to see multiline formatted occurrences in the list of search results. The updated Call Tracking tool window helps keep focus by allowing to remove calls that you have already reviewed.
  • Linking to external resources in to-do items - To-do patterns get a URL field. It creates a link in your code to navigate to external resources.
  • New C# typing assists
    • Automatically generate */ for a new multiline comment by hitting Enter and inserting * for a new line.
    • Indent a method in chained method calls after typing a dot.
    • Surround a code selection by typing a brace or a parenthesis.
  • Tuples in VB.NET - ReSharper now understands the tuple syntax introduced in VB.NET 15: no more bogus red code when you use them, and IntelliSense does not interfere with your typing.
  • Enhanced Preview pane in tool windows - This release has integrated a refreshed Preview pane into most ReSharper windows such as Find Results and Options. In Find Results, the code in the Preview pane looks more natural: keywords and strings are highlighted, identifier colors are applied, font settings and scaling are inherited from Visual Studio's text editor settings.
  • More ReSharper updates
    • Alt+Enter menu does not wait for the file analysis to finish, it appears immediately.
    • TypeScript - improved the performance of type guards support, changes in npm modules are now tracked, and auto-completion is available for imported paths.
    • Peek Definition is supported in Visual Studio 2015 and 2017.
    • New code generation action is available to create deconstructors from selected fields/properties when you use C# 7.0.
    • <inheritdoc/> support comes to VB.NET.