Data Abstract for .NET v9.3

Data Abstract for .NET v9.3
Includes minor bug fixes.


Feature Release

November 13, 2017 - 11:48
Data Abstract for .NET v9.3
Data Abstract for .NET
  • 78547: Cannot execute Schema Command that returns NULL value via one of its OUT parameters.
  • 77701: DA LINQ data adapter crashes on a GroupBy definition generated by DevExpress Pivot component.
  • 78599: DA LINQ: Provide more clear API for canceling changes of a specific table.
  • 77702: DA SQL cannot process queries like 'SELECT NULL FROM TableName'.
  • 78574: DA SQL: Substring method is not supported by SQL Generator.
  • 78186: Improve connection string parser error message.
  • 78575: Incorrect SQL is generated for DA SQL statements with EXISTS clause.
  • 78058: Move Query Generators code into a separate folder.
  • 78067: MS SQL 2008 query generator with support for the DA LINQ .Skip() statement.
  • 78045: MS SQL 2012+ query generator with support for the DA LINQ .Skip() statement.
  • 78086: Oracle query generator should split very long IN / NOT IN value lists to avoid ADO.NET driver limitations.
  • 77962: Parameters Parser fails to extract parameters after a string constant is found.
  • 78061: Query Generators code cleanup.
  • 77930: Remove duplicated StingUtils.FixupName method.
  • 77936: Remove method StringUtils.ParseNameValues and switch to proper string parser.
  • 78518: ROFX packages are not deleted from VS 2017 upon uninstall of DataAbstract.
  • 78078: SQL Query Generator generates incorrect TOP/SKIP clauses for queries with subqueries.
  • 77907: StatementParser extracts parameter names from comments and string literals.
  • 78654: Updates cannot be applied to table containing fields with names that start with 0...9.
  • 78534: Wizard: Where possible use original foreign key name.