DevExpress WinForms 17.1.8

DevExpress WinForms 17.1.8
Maintenance release includes several bug fixes.


Feature Release

November 10, 2017 - 10:42
DevExpress WinForms 17.1.8
DevExpress WinForms

All WinForms Controls

  • PersistenceBehavior - A minimized form state is restored when the form is being loaded.
  • SkinEditor - The AutoSave folder doesn't contain the latest saved changes.
  • SkinEditor - Unhandled exception is thrown on creating a folder.
  • Skineditor V2 crashes when a layered image is saved.
  • Skineditor V2 crashes when an image is modified using a paint tool and saved again.
  • SkinEditor v2 crashes when images in the skin folder are replaced (bulk copy).

PDF Viewer

  • Find Dialog - The viewer parent form flickers if the search does not take much time.
  • Interactive Forms - Combobox with the Edit flag does not accept a list of strings as a value.
  • Parsing - A document containing a page rotated by an angle aliquant to 90 degrees cannot be opened.

Project Templates

  • WindowsUIButtonPanel does not show icons for some buttons when generating a Hybrid UI by using the Wizard.


  • Snap document images are exported with the low quality.

XtraBars Suite

  • BarManager - An in-place CheckEdit should not be shown in a vertical bar when the Bar.OptionsBar.RotateWhenVertical option is enabled.
  • BarSubItem - A menu takes all the screen height when it is expanded and a menu item located under the mouse pointer is selected immediately after updating to version 17.1.7.
  • Localization - "Auto-hide Ribbon" menu items aren't localized.
  • ObjectDisposedException is thrown once a user selects a skin in PopupGalleryEdit if its drop-down gallery is populated by calling the SkinHelper.InitSkinGallery method.
  • PopupMenu - Groups are lost when the first group item is hidden.
  • RibbonControl does not show glyphs for the Left and Right ScrollButtons under 175 DPI.
  • RibbonStatusBar - Height is small in the Office 2010 skin if a form is not maximized.
  • SpreadSheet - System.NullReferenceException in DevExpress.XtraBars.v17.1.dll when changing the number format of an MDI form.
  • TabControl - Switching between tabs makes the toolbar mouseover dissappear when XtraForm is used in the tab.
  • There is a white space between the parent and child BackstageViewControls if the Office2013 style is used.
  • TileBar doesn't scroll to a new selected item after setting the TileBar.SelectedItem property.

XtraCharts Suite

  • Other values are not shown in the Pie Chart when Arguments have the Integer type.
  • Chart Designer - The Key-Color Colorizer Keys Collection Editor dialog caption is incorrect.
  • ChartControl bound to PivotGrid crashes after PivotGrid's layout was changed.
  • ChartDesigner - It is possible to choose another view of char series even if the view is removed from the ChartDesigner.AvailableViewTypes list.
  • RangeControl is scrolled incorrectly when it is bound to a chart with side margins.
  • SparklineEdit causes memory leaks when it is placed on a form.
  • TextAnnotation slows down performance on scrolling and zooming.
  • The ResetZoom method freezes an application.

XtraEditors Library

  • BreadCrumbEdit - It is impossible to click a node when a caption is too long.
  • BreadCrumbEdit allows changing the path by clicking nodes' parents if ReadOnly is set to true.
  • DateEdit - A selected year does not stay highlighted when re-opening a popup window if the VistaCalendarViewStyle property is set to YearsGroupView.
  • DateEdit - The day is not highlighted when the NullDateCalendarValue property is set.
  • ProgressPanel - Low performance due to multiple layout re-calculations when a description is changed.
  • SplashScreenManager - A form flickers if searching does not take much time.
  • TextEdit skips repeated validation if its value hasn't been changed since the previous unsuccessful validation.
  • The "Error creating window handle" exception is thrown when the Environment.Exit method is called.
  • The ImageOptions.ImageList property is not set for EditorButton at design time.
  • TokenEdit - Selecting a token from the drop-down list by pressing Enter closes the parent form if its AcceptButton property is set.
  • TokenEdit does not delete all checked items if the Delete key is pressed when CheckMode is TokenEditCheckMode.Multiple.
  • XtraForm - The icon disappears when the form's width is not enough to show it.
  • XtraMessageBox's shadow isn't shown till XtraMessageBox's position is changed.

XtraGrid Suite

  • Data-Aware export - NullReferenceException is thrown if the GridFormatRule.Column and GridFormatRule.ColumnApplyTo properties are not set.
  • The export progress panel is not centered when the form is an MDI child.
  • The export progress panel is not centered when the form is not TopLevel.
  • An exception occurs when a column does not have a caption.
  • Another form is focused when pressing TAB in an active cell editor after the update from 16.1.5 to 17.1.7.
  • FormatException is thrown when opening an Excel popup filter window if RepositoryItemLookUpEdit is assigned to a column whose filter mode is DisplayText and a filter range is used.
  • Row height is incorrect when MemoEdit is assigned to a cell that contains the Expand button.
  • There is no way to return to a main menu from a submenu if the main menu is shown in In-Place mode.
  • GridControl's Excel filter - InvalidCastException is thrown when selecting Null in the Numeric tab.
  • GridView - A column filter condition for Auto Filter Row is not reset if it was changed by using the Filter Editor and the DefaultSettingsCompatibilityMode property is set to v16 and the AllowAutoFilterConditionChange property is set to false.
  • GridView - A loading indicator is shown even if the WindowsFormsSettings.AnimationMode property is set to DisableAll.
  • GridView - Non-printable columns aren't copied to the clipboard when ClipboardMode is Formatted.
  • TileView - NullReferenceException is thrown when closing a form in the ItemClick event handler.
  • WinExplorerView - A freeze occurs when selecting multiple items after an item was removed.
  • WinForms - An exception is thrown on closing DetailView while ColumnCustomization in the nested ListView is open.
  • XtraGrid - Format conditions with an expression that uses the "Iif" function are not applied in the document exported in Data Aware mode.
  • XtraGrid's row selection operates incorrectly when a new row is added to the data source.

XtraLayout Suite

  • SimpleLabelItem.Image is marked as hidden.
  • The NullReferenceException error is thrown from DevExpress.XtraLayout.LayoutControl.Clear(true, false) in some circumstances.


  • Hit Testing - Custom MapPushpin elements cannot be identified using the InMapPushpin attribute.
  • MapControl - It is impossible to move MapItem from one layer to another after the upgrade to version 17.1.
  • MapControl crashes on Surface Pro 4 with the Direct2D mode if an application runs in x64 mode.
  • MapControl creates a cache folder on the file system immediately after the CacheOptions.DiskFolder property has been changed at design time.
  • MapPolyline initialization performance is not optimal.
  • Tile images are rendered with artifacts when the GdiPlus rendering mode is enabled.


  • NavBarControl- The group caption overlaps the expand/collapse button when the width is not enough.

XtraPivotGrid Suite

  • OLAP Calculated Measures do not display correct data if data is filtered using field groups.
  • The ChartControl.PivotGridSeriesExcluded event is fired multiple times after the data source is changed.

XtraPrinting Library

  • Export to DOCX/RTF - An exported document depends on a scaling factor.

XtraReports Suite

  • Report Wizard - Designing an existing report in the wizard should preserve its original DataSource and DataMember settings.
  • "Type A originates from <unique combination of letters> in the context 'LoadNeither in a byte array" error occurs after upgrading a project to the newest version of DevExpress components.
  • ConnectionStringHelper.CreateDBConnection fails when a connection string is ODBC MDASQL.1.
  • Export - Merged report cells are exported to Excel incorrectly.
  • Export to Excel with images produces a huge report file.
  • National characters are not displayed in a report if the Object.ToString() method is used.
  • Print Preview - The 'Header and Footer' dialog does not preserve line breaks in the print preview.
  • Rotated text in a table cell is aligned incorrectly when the XRTableCell.TextAlignment property is set to TopCenter or BottomCenter.
  • The XRTableCell.RowSpan property does not work correctly in the BottomMarginBand.
  • XtraReport - Export to PDF hangs if code runs under a different user (i.e., impersonated).
  • XtraReport - 'System.NullReferenceException' is thrown when a specific report is opened in the End-User Report Designer.


  • A font name is calculated incorrectly while loading a specific HTML document into the RichEditControl.
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException on an attempt to perform the Redo operation using RichTextControl.
  • Hyperlinks are incorrectly created for different images if the latter are inserted near each other.
  • NullReferenceException occurs on editing document content if the RichEditControl document is bound to a data source field and the UseDeferredDataBindingNotifications option is set to false.
  • Popup editors in the Modify Style dialog keep showing the name of the deleted style.
  • RichEditControl - A table is not aligned correctly after exporting data to HTML.
  • RichEditControl incorrectly applies list numbering in the loaded Html document.
  • System.ArgumentException is raised if a text with a custom font is rendered using a custom Page painter.
  • System.InvalidCastException is raised on the "Document Properties" button click when the application culture is set to "ru-RU".
  • The "Different odd and even" and "Different first page" options cannot be set to False in the Page Setup dialog.
  • The caret cannot be set to the start position of the second hyperlink when there are two hyperlinks without a break and the keyboard navigation is performed.

XtraScheduler Suite

  • Appointments are not drawn in a week in the Monthly Style report if a part of the week belongs to another month if the CompressWeeked option is disabled.
  • Disable the "Group by ..." bar items on the Ribbon if AgendaView is SchedulerControl's active view.
  • Memory allocated by the scheduler elements is not released properly if the TimelineView.TimelineScrollBarVisible option is enabled.
  • System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException occurs in the XtraScheduler.Drawing.DayViewInfo.GetVisibleDayViewRow method.
  • The OnMouseWheel method of MouseHandlerServiceWrapper is never executed for the Agenda view.


  • NullReferenceException occurs on an attempt to check a single word in the document when the AutoSizeMode property is set to Vertical in RichEditControl.
  • SpellChecker dictionaries are not loaded on demand when the SpellChecker culture is invariant.
  • SpellChecker processes em dashes incorrectly if no space symbol is inserted before and after these dashes.
  • The "Check Spelling" form does not display suggestions after the SpellChecker.CheckText method call.


  • Cell values are not copied when the Fill Handle operation is performed with the Ctrl key held down.
  • Add the capability to preserve MS Excel Slicers while re-saving a document using the SpreadsheetControl (Workbook).
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown during the CopyFrom operation.
  • Formulas specified for a bound cell range after assigning a data binding are not calculated.
  • Hidden rows/columns become visible on double-clicking row/column headers even if corresponding "Hide/Unhide" behavior options are disabled.

XtraTreeList Suite

  • Checked items change when replacing an item in a list bound to TreeList.
  • Icons are painted incorrectly in TreeList.
  • The FocusedNode property in the SelectionChanged event returns a removed node on the UnlockReloadNodes call.
  • An incorrect node is focused after collapsing a root node when the vertical scroll bar is visible.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when removing a record that is represented by duplicate nodes in Virtual Mode.
  • Random nodes are selected when clicking them with the mouse.
  • Text is not wrapped in cells at nested levels.
  • The scroll position moves up when reaches the bottom position.
  • A column's Excel filter ignores other column filters if a filter is applied to that column.


  • Usability - There is no capability to configure the printing settings and print the Tree Map using the XtraPrinting library.

XtraVerticalGrid Suite

  • PropertyGridControl - An application that's built for the AnyCPU platform freezes when the XRLabel.Borders or XRLabel.TextAlignment property value is changed after installation of Fall Creators Update.