DevExpress ASP.NET 17.1.8

DevExpress ASP.NET 17.1.8
Maintenance release includes several bug fixes.


Feature Release

November 10, 2017 - 11:04
DevExpress ASP.NET 17.1.8
DevExpress ASP.NET

ASP.NET Web Forms

All ASP.NET Controls

  • An exception occurs when the Value property is initialized and the ItemRequestedByValue method returns not an IEnumerable-type object.


  • ASPxComboBox - A decimal value is incorrectly posted when the Spanish culture is used.
  • ASPxSpinEdit - The display format is not applied if text is set by using ASPxSpinEdit.SetText.
  • ASPxTrackBar - Material Theme - The track bar width is always more than its container width.


  • Accessibility - Focus is lost after the context menu is closed by the Escape key.
  • The "Cannot read property 'id' of null" error occurs on editing a cell in Batch Edit mode if KeyboardSupport is set to true and the grid has a band column with nested columns.
  • The ASPxGridViewCommandButtonEventArgs.IsEditingRow property in the CommandButtonInitialize event handler is always false.
  • The Clear Filter context menu item is not visible when the filter is applied to a column and the filter row is hidden by the context menu item.
  • The Column Chooser is shown incorrectly if the Metropolis theme is used.
  • The GridViewToolbarItem.ClientVisible property can't be changed on a grid's callback.
  • Batch Edit - A combobox column's SelectedIndexChanged event is raised every time the editing ends in Native mode.


  • A validation error appears in the disabled editor with the enabled required validation on the ASPxClientEdit.ValidateGroup method call.
  • After html content is copied from Edge to an ASPxHtmlEditor page opened in Chrome, e.Html is empty in the ASPxHtmlEditor.HtmlCorrecting event handler.
  • Text underline is not working when the document type is HTML5 and a whitelist is used.


  • Font settings are applied incorrectly when the Youthful theme is used.
  • ASPxPivotGrid enters into the infinite callback loop during Virtual Scrolling.
  • The FieldAreaChanged event is not raised if a field is moved before a data field.

ASPxScheduler Suite

  • A visible DayView interval is not re-calculated after changing the DayView.WorkTime property value when the ShowWorkTimeOnly option is enabled.
  • AppointmentDoubleClick is not raised after the View context menu is invoked.
  • The "JavaScript runtime error: Incorrect function" error occurs while dragging a recurring series in the TimeLine view.
  • The appointment subject is hidden if the appointment height is small and the start and end times are displayed.


  • Space between rows is lost on pasting from Notepad++.
  • The "Cannot read property 'cellEditable' of undefined" error occurs on an attempt to insert rows copied from Excel in a document.

Navigation, Layout & Multi-Purpose Controls

  • ASPxCardView - Captions and items are aligned incorrectly when the font size is increased.
  • ASPxDockPanel - If ASPxDateEdit is placed in ASPxDockPanel, ASPxDateEdit's drop-down control is covered by another ASPxDockPanel.
  • ASPxPageControl - Hiding tabs by setting ClientVisible to the false value does not work as expected in multi-row mode.
  • ASPxPager - Accessibility - The Previous button is not focusable if the first page is opened.
  • ASPxPopupControl - It is not possible to scroll content defined via the ContentUrl property.
  • ASPxRibbon - An exception occurs if the active tab with the index stored in cookies doesn't exist.
  • RichEdit - A client-side error occurs when the ribbon is minimized.

XtraCharts Suite

  • The Crosshair Cursor always displays information about the first point if a series is bound to the secondary X axis.
  • Web - The Crosshair label format does not take the current application culture settings into account.
  • WebChartControl does not display ToolTipHint provided in the CustomDrawSeriesPoint event handler.

XtraReports Suite

  • ASPxWebDocumentViewer - It is impossible to hide the Search button when MobileMode is active.


MVC Data Editors

  • DateEdit - It's not possible to select a date in DateEdit located in a partial view loaded to the page by using $.post after a callback.

MVC GridView

  • ComboBox used in the filter row throws a JS error when it is cleared.
  • Incorrect order of columns in the Group Panel after re-ordering them by using drag and drop.
  • The header filter popup right border is missing in the BlackGlass and Youthful themes.
  • It's not possible to use DevExtreme MVC controls inside the template of the callback aware MVC extension.

MVC HtmlEditor

  • HtmlEditor - Selection is rendered over a dialog window in IE.

MVC Report

  • Filter Editor doesn't contain the 'Contains' operator if a query alias is specified in Query Builder.
  • Web Chart Designer - It is not possible to configure a Diagram element after the SeriesDataMember property was specified.
  • Web Dashboard cannot validate an expression if it contains a field with the parenthesis "( )", slash "/" and dot "." signs in its name.
  • Web Report Designer - CalculatedField does not show in a Chart's ValueDataMember selection.
  • Web Report Designer - Expression Editor validation fails if the field's display name contains a space character.
  • Web Report Designer - Look-up parameter value reordering duplicates data.
  • Web Report Designer - XRChart control's Pallete Name and Appearance Name properties disappeared from Property Grid after upgrading.
  • Web Report Designer -  Report Explorer doesn't refresh property data upon choosing a different Formatting Rule from the drop-down list.

MVC RichEdit

  • RichEdit - The "Cannot read property 'flags' of undefined" error occurs on an attempt to open a document.

MVC Scheduler

  • Click events stop firing after the scheduler control has been right-clicked.
  • The Day/WorkWeek/FullWeek isn't scrolled when an appointment is dragged or resized outside the currently visible interval and the ScrollAreaHeight property is set to the predefined value for the view.

MVC Spreadsheet

  • Data is not loaded on scrolling if the ribbon is minimized.

ASP.NET Bootstrap

Bootstrap Charts

  • BootstrapChart located in the BootstrapPageControl tab is not resized correctly after a chart placed in another tab is exported.

Bootstrap Data Editors

  • Bootstrap Date Editors - An editor input wrapped in the form-group-sm container has unnecessary paddings.
  • BootstrapSpinEdit - The Out of Range warning has an incorrect position when the editor is inside the input-group.

Bootstrap GridView

  • Allow users to subscribe to the BootstrapGridView.BatchUpdate event.
  • Bootstrap Navigation, Layout & Multi-Purpose Controls.
  • BootstrapComboBox - Performance issues when the editor is bound to large dataset and the callback mode is enabled.