DevExpress Reporting 17.1.8

DevExpress Reporting 17.1.8
Maintenance release includes several bug fixes.


Feature Release

November 10, 2017 - 10:48
DevExpress Reporting 17.1.8
DevExpress Reporting

ASP.NET Web Forms

  • ASPxWebDocumentViewer - It is impossible to hide the Search button when MobileMode is active.


  • Report Wizard - Designing an existing report in the wizard should preserve its original DataSource and DataMember settings.
  • "Type A originates from <unique combination of letters> in the context 'LoadNeither in a byte array" error occurs after upgrading a project to the newest version of DevExpress components.
  • ConnectionStringHelper.CreateDBConnection fails when a connection string is ODBC MDASQL.1.
  • Export - Merged report cells are exported to Excel incorrectly.
  • Export to Excel with images produces a huge report file.
  • National characters are not displayed in a report if the Object.ToString() method is used.
  • Print Preview - The 'Header and Footer' dialog does not preserve line breaks in the print preview.
  • Rotated text in a table cell is aligned incorrectly when the XRTableCell.TextAlignment property is set to TopCenter or BottomCenter.
  • The XRTableCell.RowSpan property does not work correctly in the BottomMarginBand.
  • XtraReport - Export to PDF hangs if code runs under a different user (i.e., impersonated).
  • XtraReport - 'System.NullReferenceException' is thrown when a specific report is opened in the End-User Report Designer.


  • A report does not have a data source after loading a report layout from the file storage.
  • End-User Report Designer - The 'System.NullReferenceException' is thrown when closing a sub report's 'Parameter Bindings' dialog.
  • End-User Report Designer displays an empty window on an attempt to add a new data source for a report parameter.
  • System.InvalidOperationException with the "Sequence contains more than one element" message occurs on an attempt to sort a report.
  • Text pasted from the clipboard contains an additional character.
  • There is no way to define a report's margins in the End-User Report Designer if the SpinEdit.AllowRoundOutOfRangeValue property has the True value.
  • WPF Report Designer - The Field List is collapsed when a calculated field is added to a report.