DevExpress ASP.NET 17.1.7

DevExpress ASP.NET 17.1.7
Maintenance release includes several bug fixes.


Feature Release

October 09, 2017 - 8:40
DevExpress ASP.NET 17.1.7
DevExpress ASP.NET

ASP.NET Web Forms

All ASP.NET Controls

  • Remove the preventPageScrollingOnSpace method as it is no longer used.
  • The "ASPxClientEditBase is not defined" error occurs when scripts are cached and the culture is changed.


  • ASPxCheckbox - An incorrect sprite image is displayed in the editor in IE if the AccessibilityCompliant property is set to true.
  • ASPxProgressBar doesn't show the "position" text if the DisplayMode property is set to "Custom" and the CustomDisplayFormat property is specified with the Material theme.
  • ASPxSpinEdit/BootstrapSpinEdit - Float values are displayed as NullText with the "de-DE" culture.
  • ASPxTextBox - The second ASPxTextBox does not work with the Google Place Autocomplete service on mobile devices when 2 or more textboxes are used on the page.
  • Demos - The ASPxCaptcha's Custom Appearance demo - The Captcha returns the following error message when the submitted code is correct: "The submitted code is incorrect".


  • A new style is not applied to the ShowInColumn column if the ShowInColumn property is assigned in the designer.
  • Editing works incorrectly if the AdaptivityMode property is set to HideDataCellsWindowLimit and the EndlessPaging mode is used.
  • If the ShowPreview property is set to True and LinqServerModeDataSource is used, the search panel doesn't filter the grid.
  • There is no possibility to reset column positions to the initial state after a column is moved on the client side.
  • Export - Merged Cells - The document is exported differently in WYSIWYG and DataAware modes.
  • Server-side events do not fire for other controls on the page when a detail row is expanded in a filtered ASPxGridView bound in the Page_Load event handler.


  • A table can't be inserted to ASPxHtmlEditor using the default Table item.
  • Paste options are not shown during pasting.


  • ASPxPivotGrid does not apply filters correctly when it is created dynamically and added inside ASPxPageControl's tab page.


  • Page Count incorrectly works after a document is saved and reopened.

ASPxScheduler Suite

  • Appointments are incorrectly rendered in new ASPxScheduler themes in Google Chrome (version 60 and higher) and Opera browsers on Windows 10.
  • Conflicting appointments are incorrectly calculated when a new appointment related to a specific resource is created on the client side.
  • Selection in ASPxDateNavigator differs from dates displayed in ASPxScheduler's MonthView.
  • The gray area is displayed under the Day view header if the time cell height is changed via the TimeCellBody.Height property.


  • Long text is incorrectly wrapped in IE and Firefox.

Navigation, Layout & Multi-Purpose Controls

  • ASPxHint is shown when TriggerAction is set to "Hover" and the target element is focused without being hovered.
  • ASPxUploadControl may not work correctly in an MVC project that utilizes a WebForm page.
  • Documentation - Update sample code in the ASPxClientCallback.CallbackComplete event topic.

NuGet Packages

  • NuGet Packages - An update to v17.1.6 removes the "devexpress" section from web.config.

XtraReports Suite

  • ASPxDocumentViewer - The downloaded file has the default name "Document" when a report is exported from the Report Server.
  • ASPxWebReportViewer - Search highlighting and hyperlinks are working with a noticeable delay.
  • End-User Report Designer - There is no QualitativeScaleOptions item in the XRChart designer.
  • The ASPxWebDocumentViewer control does not display a report if the zoom factor is higher than 5.



  • ImageSlider - The Slide Show example does not work in Chrome.

MVC CardView

  • The onSuccess action does not work for the PerformCallback method.

MVC Chart

  • Bar demo module - The BarViewPartial view is not listed in the source code panel.

MVC Data Editors

  • ComboBox - It is impossible to remove text from an editor if a callback was sent to it.
  • TokenBox - An item is selected automatically if it contains a comma.

MVC GridView

  • Batch Edit - The grouped row value is always null during updating.
  • Provide an informative exception message when the detail grids are not provided for exporting in the master-detail scenario.

MVC HtmlEditor

  • Text gets a background color after adding a table in Edge v40.
  • The Binary Image Auto Upload demo works incorrectly.

MVC Navigation, Layout & Multi-Purpose Extensions

  • Splitter - AdjustControl doesn't adjust a pane with AutoHeight when the page is zoomed.

MVC Pivot Grid

  • Usability - The SortLocation property for the CustomFieldSort event arguments in MVC and ASP.NET solutions is not available.

MVC Report

  • Web Application that uses ASPxWebDocumentViewer requires the DevExpress.DataAccess assembly to be deployed along with the application.
  • Web Report Designer - Padding from Style settings are not applied to the report's controls in design mode.
  • WebDocumentViewer - Clicking the Enter key on the viewer's Search box submits the ASPxButton control placed to the same form.

MVC RichEdit

  • The "Internal exception" error occurs on an attempt to open a document.
  • The "Cannot read property 'flags' of undefined" error occurs on an attempt to open a document.
  • The paragraph spacing is shown incorrectly.

MVC Spreadsheet

  • ASPxClientSpreadsheet.PerformCallback - The onSuccess function is never raised.

MVC TreeList

  • Insert MVC Extension wizard - The incorrect code is generated when the Enable Inline Editing check box is checked and the wizard's VB version is used.
  • It is impossible to show the default context menu if the client-side ContextMenu event is handled.

Project Wizard

  • Insert DevExpress MVC extension wizard - The generated GridViewPartialDelete action method has an incorrect key field value type if the key field has the Enum type.

ASP.NET Bootstrap

Bootstrap Charts

  • BootstrapChart - The Export button is shown over a chart legend.
  • A css rule assigned to the BootstrapChartConstantLine.CssClass property is not applied.
  • An empty BootstrapChart is rendered if the ArgumentField value contains special characters.
  • Bootstrap Charts - It is impossible to change the Currency when the Culture is set to "en-GB".
  • BootstrapChart - The loading panel is not shown when the chart is bound using the SetDataSource method.
  • BootstrapChart is not resized properly within ASPxControls.

Bootstrap Navigation, Layout & Multi-Purpose Controls

  • BootstrapLayoutForm Designer - The "Increase ColSpan" button doesn't change any properties.
  • BootstrapPageControl - The CssClasses property is applied incorrectly.