DevExpress Reporting 17.1.7

DevExpress Reporting 17.1.7
Maintenance release includes several bug fixes.


Feature Release

October 09, 2017 - 8:47
DevExpress Reporting 17.1.7
DevExpress Reporting

ASP.NET Web Forms

  • ASPxDocumentViewer - The downloaded file has the default name "Document" when a report is exported from the Report Server.
  • ASPxWebReportViewer - Search highlighting and hyperlinks are working with a noticeable delay.
  • End-User Report Designer - There is no QualitativeScaleOptions item in the XRChart designer.
  • The ASPxWebDocumentViewer control does not display a report if the zoom factor is higher than 5.


  • End-User Report Designer - Some elements of the 'Formatting Rule Sheet Editor' dialog are not localized.
  • Export to CSV - The Separator property value isn't always serialized.
  • Report Designer - System.TypeInitializationException is thrown on an attempt to import a Crystal Report.
  • XRPivotGrid - An incorrect field name with unnecessary spaces is generated on creating a Field using the control's designer.
  • XRPivotGrid Designer - Change the pivot grid fields' panel caption to make it more user-friendly.
  • XRPivotGrid Designer - Provide a way to dynamically manage the visibility of the "Load Data from XML" tab.
  • XRPivotGrid Designer - Provide user-friendly descriptions for certain properties.
  • Rounding errors in floating-point calculations cause Visual Bricks to overlap each other in the print preview.
  • The XRCodeDOMGenerator class is not thread-safe.


  • DocumentPreviewControl - Editable fields are inactive if a report is loaded as a PRNX file.
  • DocumentPreviewControl - The Image format option specified for the Image format in the Export Options dialog does not change the exported file's extension and format.
  • End-User Report Designer for WPF - Entity Framework's Data Source Wizard customization breaks after updating to version 17.1.