Add-in Express for Microsoft Office and .net 8.7.4425

Add-in Express for Microsoft Office and .net 8.7.4425
Adds support for Microsoft OneNote 2010 and higher.


Feature Release

August 11, 2017 - 14:12
Add-in Express for Microsoft Office and .net 8.7.4425
Add-in Express for Microsoft Office and .net
  • Automatic updates for per-machine add-ins in ClickTwice deployment.
  • Support for Microsoft OneNote 2010 and higher.
  • OnUpdaterBeforeStart and OnUpdaterInstallationCancelled events to the ADXAddinModule, ADXRTDServerModule, ADXSmartTagModule and ADXXLLModule classes.
  • DisableAutomaticUpdates, EnableAutomaticUpdates and LaunchAutomaticUpdate methods to the ADXAddinModule, ADXRTDServerModule and ADXXLLModule classes.
  • Default location of the adxloader.log and adxregistrator.log files was changed from Documents\Add-in Express to %TEMP%\AssemblyProductName.
  • Application.Session Outlook COM object was not released in the Add-in Express core code.
  • Word add-in might have caused a delay when Word was started by opening an existing document.
  • ClickOnce and ClickTwice installations could not detect a running Microsoft Project application.
  • HostApplication property of the ADXXLLModule class might not have been initialized.
  • "An illegal state change was requested" error in adxloader.log when loading an add-in.
  • "The control is already added to another collection" error when adding a new item to the Ribbon gallery at design time.
  • Exception when uninstalling a ClickOnce deployed add-in via "Apps & Features".
  • Incorrect verification of running host applications in ClickOnce deployment.
  • Incorrect order of parameter descriptions in XLL functions.
  • ClickOnce installation/update process might have been interrupted on shutdown.
  • InstallShield 2016 setup projects were created incorrectly.
  • Multi-threaded XLL function might have returned incorrect data.
  • Unicode text was drawn incorrectly in the list of forms hosted on an advanced Outlook region or advanced Office task pane.
  • TopSubpane and RightSubpane Outlook form regions were drawn incorrectly after opening the File -> Options dialog.
  • Advanced Outlook view region did not restore its size in some cases.
  • Excel dialogs might have appeared behind the main Excel window after sending a workbook as attachment.