Visual Basic Upgrade Companion 7.2

Visual Basic Upgrade Companion 7.2
Now generates Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 compliant source code.


Feature Release

August 07, 2017 - 14:07
Visual Basic Upgrade Companion 7.2
Visual Basic Upgrade Companion

Visual Studio 2017

  • Generates Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 compliant source code, as well as project and solution files. You can now choose what kind of VS solution file you want to generate up to and including VS 2017 (version 15).

Typing Inference

  • Robustness and Scalability - The typing inference mechanism is faster and uses memory more efficiently. Some projects that could not be correctly analyzed with previous versions of VBUC can now be fully analyzed and migrated, achieving significant improvements in the quality of the migrated code.
  • Multidimensional Arrays - In VB6, arrays can mutate and change dimensions and magnitudes, while in .Net they must be declared in the simplest way that will be able to represent all their previous behaviors. The current typer version identifies several new patterns related to the multiple dimensional arrays and makes much better decisions regarding this area.
  • COM Let/Set Properties - "Let" and "set" usage of COM properties has been improved to produce a correct typing analysis in those cases for parameters and return types.
  • R-Value vs L-Value Influences - The heuristics for how expressions in an assignment influence each other has been modified to recognize more influence from the right to the left side. Expressions appearing at the left side of an assignment must be able to take the type of the right-side expression. That doesn´t work in the same way in the opposite direction.

Helpers Enhancements

  • Multiple helper classes have been updated to improve performance and stability, while other new classes have been added to support more VB6 functionality, among them:
  • FPSreapd helper: Farpoint Spread Control support class
  • ADORecordsetHelper: support class for the ADO.Recordset
  • PowerPacks helper: supports Visual Basic Printing Library
  • PictureBoxExtended helper: supports advanced PictureBox functionality in VB6.

Increased Mappings Coverage

  • A significant amount of preexisting third-party control mappings have been updated to fix compilation issues, improve performance, or increase functionality coverage.
  • New mappings have been implemented in order to support more third party libraries that include commonly used controls, for example:
    • Accusoft option, to support common classes for this library
    • CRAXDRT_CRVIEWERLibCtl option, which includes mapping for Crystal Report Libraries
    • CWUIControlsLib option, to support controls of National Instruments Library
    • MemoLibfpMemo option, which includes some common control of Farpoint libraries to standard .Net controls
    • OracleInProc option, which helps map OracleInProc server database libraries to .Net Data Connection classes.

Parallel Migration - Improved Stability

  • Includes a more stable version of VBUC Parallel Migration option, tested over millions of lines of real-world code and several specialized stress cases.
  • There are between 100 to 200 individual fixes related to areas such as class implementations, COM Interop, type coercions, operations, parameter passing, reference qualifications, structures conversion, arrays, and many more.
  • This version continues to reduce the errors that block compiling the migrated code, thus saving time in the final stages of the project.
  • Several other bugs were fixed in the VBUC typing inference.
  • A few other issues where fixed for the assessment tool, both related to counts and to report format issues.