Infragistics Ultimate UI for WPF 16.2 Build 16.2.20162.2141

Infragistics Ultimate UI for WPF 16.2 Build 16.2.20162.2141
Maintenance release includes several bug fixes.


Feature Release

June 15, 2017 - 10:54
Infragistics Ultimate UI for WPF 16.2 Build 16.2.20162.2141
Infragistics Ultimate UI for WPF

Category Chart

  • Setting YAxisMajorStrokeThickness to negative number does not hide the grid lines.

Combo Editor

  • Changing ItemsSource and SelectedItems properties causes ArgumentNullException.
  • ResourceWasher does not wash XamComboEditor's thumb when the RoyalDark theme is applied.
  • Incorrect behavior occurs when resizing the popup to the top right corner of the screen and the WPF window is in maximized state.
  • FocusVisualElement is created in the ControlTemplate after the checkbox and the content presenter.

Context Menu

  • XamContextMenu has an ugly black line along its right vertical border as well as black bots in its upper & lower left corners.
  • Nested drop-down controls in the menu force the menu to close when they are opened.

Data Chart

  • Setting the axis title to null does not remove the text.
  • The displayed crosshair color cannot be changed at runtime.
  • Legend is not displayed until an additional item is added.

Data Grid

  • Selected row blinks for a short time after bound data collection calls Clear() and new data is provided.
  • Scrolling after loading the filter customizations with calculated columns present shows jumbled text in the grid cells.
  • Filters do not evaluate correctly when loading them as a customization when calculated fields are present and ReevaluateFiltersOnDataChange is set to "False".
  • Fixed field does not move to the Far edge aligning with the other fixed field when there is a hidden field.
  • IndexOutOfRangeException occurs with data continuously updating while GroupByEvaluationMode is set to UseCollectionView.
  • Record containers are still discarded while scrolling a hierarchical grid when RecordContainerRetentionMode is set to "RetainDeactivatedContainersPermanently".
  • IndexOutOfRange exceptions occur when adding and clearing Fields to/from the FieldLayout.Fields collection.
  • Memory leak exists when clearing and re-populating records when DataPresenterCalculationAdapter is present.
  • When the grid is empty at the start, programmatically adding a calculated field and adding the first record results in the calculations not evaluating.

Data Presenter

  • The margins between the FieldGroups are too big in the Print Basic theme.
  • A lot of elements are not washed in xamDataGrid with the Royal Dark theme.
  • BindingExpression path errors appear in the grid when opening the XamDateTimeEditor drop-down with the Royal Dark theme applied.
  • CalculationSettings are not merged correctly when loading customizations.

Data Presenter

  • The FieldGroupLabelPresenters are not clearly visible with the Royal theme.
  • The Menu Button of HeaderPrefixArea is not clearly visible when the Orientation of GridViewSettings is Horizontal with the Onyx theme.
  • FieldLayouts become available later than they used to.


  • Hovering and clicking quickly on the toolbox items produces an exception.

Dialog Window

  • XamDialogWindow could not be moved after loading.
  • When gaining again the focus, the modal xamDialogWindow is overlaid by a nontransparent rectangle when the Office2013 theme is applied.


  • Excel Engine is not DPI aware, causing Workbook.PixelsToCharacterWidth256ths() to yield different values depending on the DPI setting.
  • Exception is thrown when Workbook.SetCurrentFormat is used to change the format of a Workbook.
  • InvalidOperationException (Merged cell regions can't overlap) is thrown at MergedCellsRegions.Add() after inserting and removing some worksheet rows.
  • Saved Excel file is corrupted if some worksheet rows are inserted and removed.
  • When a sheet name can be replaced to R1C1 format, NameReference cannot be set.
  • When a sheet name can be replaced to R1C1 format, PrintArea cannot be set.


  • Some resource strings as the task duration - "day" and "days" are not translated.

Geographic Map

  • When the DefaultInteraction property is set to ""None,"" e.Item in the SeriesMouseLeftButtonUp event returns null.
  • Clearing the sub domains on Bing Imagery does not null the sub domains/images.
  • Resizing the map after setting the WindowRect programmatically zooms into the top-left of the available area.
  • Tile caching clearing is required in order to suppress the memory growth when new tiles are loaded.
  • Database and shape file numeric parsing is not invariant in the XamGeographicMap, which causes issues in cultures with comma decimal point separators.


  • Filter condition is removed from the UI after grouping is removed and restored.
  • FilterMenuSelectionListGeneration setting  set to ExcelStyle does not work if FilteringScope is set to "ColumnLayout".
  • AugumentOutOfRangeException is thrown when a group row is expanded.
  • InvalidCastException is thrown when a column is grouped.
  • Japanese characters cannot be entered into the editor in the custom filter dialog if a grid is inside a ContentPane.
  • Japanese characters cannot be entered into the filter editor in the FilterMenu popup if a grid is inside a ContentPane.
  • The Sort indicator appears even when the column IsSortable property is set to false.
  • The vertical alignment of the header and the cell breaks after a column under a group column is resized.
  • Part of the inner layout grid is not rendered when is selected cell from the main layout.
  • XamGrid cell navigation with keyboard breaks after navigating to the inner layout grid cells which are outside of view initially.
  • The SelectAll checkbox in the FilterSelectionControl does not update correctly.
  • StackOverflowException is thrown when items are filtered in the filter menu popup.
  • The group column disappears when moved.
  • Exponentially slowing performance when generating many columns.
  • The columns that are inside a GroupColumn cannot be moved.
  • Low performance in XamGrid when scrolling horizontally through selected rows.
  • The CellControlAttached event is not fired for the first cell of a row when having Group columns.

Month Calendar

  • Today button contains the date with the Office2013 theme.

Outlook Bar

  • The mouse cursor becomes hand on the selected group content area when Office 2013 or some other theme is applied.

Pivot Grid

  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown when the layout file is updated several times and loaded.
  • The Slicer items are not populated when using XmlaDataSource.

Radial Gauge

  • XamRadialGauge PixelScalingRatio should not be exposed.


  • The dropdown arrow in the Segmented MenuTool in the XamRibbon is not aligned in the middle when the tool is hovered over in certain themes.


  • When placing a binding to the TickMarks of the slider, the value of the binding is not respected.


  • Normal Range extends outside of the control when maximum is set greater than the largest data item.

Theme Manager

  • When applying the Metro Dark theme with ThemeManager to the WPF GroupBox with BorderThickness only for the top part, the header is struck through.


  • Data is shown in TimeLine but outside the Zoombar's range.
  • NumericTimeEntry does not inherit the data context from its parent timeline.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when bound data is removed while the control is within a floating pane.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when the Series property is set to null.