TeeChart for Visual Studio .NET v2017

TeeChart for Visual Studio .NET v2017
Integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Visual Studio 2017.


Feature Release

April 18, 2017 - 14:31
TeeChart for Visual Studio .NET v2017
TeeChart for Visual Studio .NET
  • Integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Visual Studio 2017.
  • Implemented Centre Mark over Pie Slice.
  • Implemented Pie Mark Rotated inline with Pie Slice.
  • [ID72] ScrollPager beaks the size of Parent Chart when it is docked.
  • [ID1446] The editor doesn't re-adjust its size when the text size of computer is changed.
  • [ID1637] Contour series FillLevels property doesn't work.
  • [ID1639] The Contour Series isn’t rendering correctly the FillLevels.
  • [ID1672] ScrollPager tool not rendering correctly in WPF.
  • [ID1680] When the BarWidthPercernt is 100, the bars overlap each other a lot.
  • [ID1683] SetMinMax not functional when UseExtendedNumRange True.
  • [ID1691] Some designer configurations not saving correctly.
  • [ID1697] Teechart hangs when you add value+label in build 4.1.2016.10260.
  • [ID1698] Depth axis returns Infinity in build 4.1.2016.10260.
  • [ID1702] Legend symbol of HighLow series draws over Bar series border.
  • [ID1704] BubbleCloud Series clickseries event doesn’t trigger.
  • [ID1705] Unhandled exception in the Pyramid Series when the Veritical Axis is inverted.
  • [ID1713] SVG export broken.
  • [ID1714] Clicked() method not implemented in Funnel series.
  • [ID1715] Clicked() method not implemented in Pyramid series.
  • [ID1720] XAML exportation of Histogram in WPF has broken.
  • [ID1723] Theme.Apply(AChart) throwing unhandled exception.
  • [ID1725] Incorporate TextFormat.Html text fully into the Annotation tool.
  • [ID1726] Chart rendering diffrently while upgrade TeeChart Version 1.1 (old) to Latest.
  • [ID1750] Add function NumPoints period style not calculating correctly.
  • [ID1752] Add function PeriodAligns.Last not plotting accurately.
  • [ID1764] GetComboBoxes() throwing unhandled exception in two series types.
  • [ID1778] Allow Radial and Tangencial Rotate Styles for the Marks in PieSeries.
  • [ID1790] The Marktips tool doesn’t work properly for horizontal Bar series, when the chart is set to 3D view.
  • [ID1791] Zoom-Function not working consistently in ColorGrid.
  • [ID1792] LegendScrollBar rounding problem.
  • [ID1794] Stacked Bars with single value have no pixel width.
  • [ID1797] Bar series MultiBars.SideAll throws unhandled exception with large series/number of series.
  • [ID1812] An unhandled exception appears when a Series is added using TeeChart Direct 2D.
  • [ID1814] Points Series Pointer.Style=Sphere throws unhandled exception.