List & Label Enterprise Reporting Edition 22

List & Label Enterprise Reporting Edition 22
Designer updated to keep group/data together & add preview animation, plus VS 2017 RC support.


Feature Release

November 24, 2016 - 10:04
List & Label Enterprise Reporting Edition 22
List & Label
  • Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 RC
  • Charts
    • Charts can now also display Top-N data. Furthermore, all other data not included in the Top-N can be consolidated to show its relationship to the Top-N data.
    • Chart Layout - Line types can now be selected for horizontal and vertical coordinate lines. You can now optionally assign fixed symbols in charts yourself.
    • Radar - Radar charts visualize relationships between multiple categories with lines or shapes, simple or stacked. Where shapes overlap, you can draw outlines to show what is hidden.
    • Sorting Charts by Value - For the sake of clarity, you can now sort chart contents by result values, and not only by the names of data series.
    • Treemap - Treemaps display hierarchical data in the form of rectangles containing other rectangles (nested). Their size and position reflect relationships between data values. In addition, you can drill down via report parameters to see more detailed information.
    • Top-N and "Others" - You can now highlight key information in a chart using Top-N to limit the data shown. Data that does not meet Top-N criteria is consolidated as "Others". This feature works in most chart types and crosstabs.
  • .NET
    • Virtual File System (Repository) - The new repository removes a number of major limitations on web-based projects. The repository gives the Web Designer new capabilities, bringing its functional scope more in line with the classic desktop Designer:
      • Includes
      • Drilldown support
      • Table of contents
      • Index
    • Standard desktop/server applications also benefit from the repository as it means all elements of a project can be streamed from a database. Wherever files can be selected in the Designer, those files will be provided by the virtual file system. This feature only requires implementation of the interface for the repository (sample code for an SQLite database is provided). LL performs all other tasks automatically.
    • WPF Wrapper for Preview - This new control introduces an array of new features for WPF: display of pages created while printing, interactive sorting, report parameters, and expandable regions. The existing WPF preview control is still supported.
  • Designer
    • Property Favorites - The List & Label Designer offers a great variety of settings. But if you prefer to keep it simple for the user, you can - with Property Favorites.
    • Animation - Instead of using PowerPoint or similar software, you can now animate report objects in the preview window. This gives your presentations greater impact and keeps your audience engaged.
    • Keep Group/Data Together - The most frequently requested feature is the suppression of unwanted page breaks in tables, separating data that belongs together. This can be selected in the Designer with a single click. It is available for .NET and C++ when using a data provider.
    • Barcodes - MicroPDF417 and Codablock F barcode types have been added. The new release also supports all GS1 application identifiers. A new Designer feature enables checksums to be calculated using any weighting.
  • Enhanced Crosstabs
    • Multiple result cells allow you to view several dimensions of your data simultaneously – for instance, units plus revenues per quarter and customer.
    • Cross-references make it easy to perform calculations and display data and results at a convenient place in the table.
    • Automatic Fill-Up creates empty cells where no data is available. This helps users to compare time periods.
    • Expandable regions reduce clutter.
    • Preview window allows users to expand the time period they wish to examine.
    • Top-N reports now include the option of displaying a total for all "other" data after the Top-N data.