Premier Studio 2016 R1 Update 3

Premier Studio 2016 R1 Update 3
Table View Search Bar improvements.


Feature Release

June 29, 2016 - 0:00
Premier Studio 2016 R1 Update 3
Premier Studio
  • Table View Search Bar Improvements - You can now display a table view's search bar when using it in conjunction with the drawer navigation controller.
  • Supports Gauge Arrow in Various Cultures - In this release, the gauge chart received an enhancement to fully support gauge arrows in various cultures, such as German localization.
  • New Walkthrough: Getting Started with Crosslight Charting - Crosslight provides a powerful, full-fledged Charting component, enabling Crosslight developers to easily add stunning charts to their business cross-platform mobile apps.
  • New Walkthrough: Using Crosslight Presenters - Crosslight ViewModels developed with numerous built-in Presenters, which consist of Action Presenter, Message Presenter, Toast Presenter, Dialog Presenter and Action Toast Presenter.
  • WebInput - Support Custom Attributes.
  • WebMenu - ContextMenu.Items.InsertAt not working as expected.
  • WebToolbar - js error caused by Splitbutton normal state.
  • WebDesktop - WebToolBar.js error when WebToolBar accesses its MenuStyleSettings.
  • WebScheduler - Calendar InboundCellStyle background color is the same as Calendar Selected Style.
  • WebTreeView - When moving node to another node where you need to scroll the WebTreeView, the initial node becomes Not Allowed to be moved.