Premier Studio 2016 released

Premier Studio 2016 released
New Unified Theming framework provides a consistent look and feel for WebUI-powered apps.


Feature Release

March 07, 2016 - 0:00
Premier Studio 2016 released
Sample apps created using Premier Studio.

Premier Studio includes more then 500 advanced components for building next-generation business applications for ASP.NET, Silverlight, WPF and Mobile platforms. The subscription license includes priority support and free upgrades to new releases for 1 year.

Updates in 2016

WebUI Studio

  • Unified Theming Support - New Unified design language with an advanced theming architecture on-par with modern CSS frameworks.
  • Full HTML5 and CSS3 Compatibility - Your apps will work consistently in all modern browsers.
  • SVG Icons - Completely redesigned to ensure the best-looking icons on all screen sizes.


  • Material Design - Supports Floating Action Buttons, Material Collapsing Toolbars with vibrant colors, parallax scrolling effects, swipe gesture support and shared element transitions, all powered by new Fragment classes and simplified APIs.
  • NuGet Support - Full NuGet Package Manager support for streamlined dependency management, available for Mac and Windows.
  • New UI Components - Gauge, Circular Chart, Signature Pad and Calendar.
  • Project Wizard - Improved Crosslight Project Wizard helps create Crosslight Material projects in an instant.


  • WPF Reporting - Comprehensive WPF reporting controls allow you to view reports from desktop applications.
  • WPF Charts - Display over 20 chart types in your reports including area, bar, bubble, column, doughnut, line, pie, scatter and spline.

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