List & Label 21 Released

List & Label 21 Released
Now includes a richer more intuitive report designer.


Feature Release

November 03, 2015 - 0:00
List & Label 21 Released
Define report parameters such as date ranges, categories and more.

List & Label makes it easy to enhance your applications with reports, sub-reports, lists, cross-tabs, charts, forms, labels, printing, exporting and web reporting. Your application can transfer data into List & Label, or you can use data binding. Business objects can also be used with ease.

The following editions are available:

Updates in 21

  • Designer - Now includes richer and more intuitive functionality to provide even more design possibilities.
    • Default Fonts - non-default fonts used to require all attributes to be defined, now, a single attribute (for example “bold”) can be changed without impacting other settings.
    • Conditional Formatting - you can now define colors, font attributes, formatting, and frames for particular values.
    • Enhanced Color Picker - the new color picker is clearly structured and easier for end users to understand.
    • Better Drag & Drop - You can now select fields and simply drag & drop them to wherever a report container should be created, to create sub-tables just drag & drop additional fields on to the target table.
    • Consolidating Formula Errors - Errors in formulas are now displayed in a single window making it easier to identify their root causes.
    • AutoRecover - Projects can be automatically saved at user-defined intervals in a separate location.
    • User and Sum Variables Dialog - Select multiple variables and copy and transfer them in a single action via the clipboard from one project to another.
    • Included Projects - Included projects are edited in the original project which means that all changes are made centrally.
    • Searchable Property Window - You can now filter by expression within the property windows to quickly locate the setting you wish to change.
  • .NET Improvements
    • New Web Designer - The new Web Designer is no longer dependent on your browser. The remote data provider enables direct and automatic access to server-side data sources, enabling real-data preview.
    • Nested Tables - Nested tables may contain sub-tables to clearly display 1:n:m relations.
    • Thumbnails in the HTML5 Viewer - Thumbnails help you to effectively navigate multi-paged reports.
    • Native Aggregate Functions - The SQL, ADO.NET and Object Data Providers allow CPU-intensive aggregations to be performed in the database system directly, resulting in a huge improvement in the speed of report execution.
    • New Data Providers - Data providers are now available for Oracle, SharePoint, remote data and Cassandra.
    • Improved Data Providers - The universal ObjectDataProvider for .NET 4.0 assemblies has been enhanced to include dynamic, precompiled LINQ expressions for rapid filtering, and sorting at database level.
    • Support for OData - OData is becoming increasingly important and so the data provider has been updated to support the latest version of OData.
  • Other Improvements
    • Digital Signatures Support - You can now include a field within PDFs for a digital signature or digital certificate.
    • Scripting Support - Now optionally available for C# and VBScript as well as the List & Label formula language.
    • PDF Export - Supports Type3 fonts plus direct support for PNG files and enhanced presentation of transparencies as well as support for combo boxes as form elements.
    • Direct Support for ZUGFeRD Format - added support for ZUGFeRD electronic invoice format to enrich PDFs with meta data for faster processing in business solutions.
    • 32/64 Bit Mail Proxy - The optional mail proxy process translates MAPI commands to the required architecture if your application does not posses the same "bitness" as your Microsoft Office package.
    • Enhanced RTF Export - Rotate exported text from tables and use a mix of portrait and landscape formatting.
    • Formula Elements in Tables - Edit fields, combo box and checkbox controls can be output to any line of a table
    • Automatic layout - When switching from Portrait to Landscape within the designer, users have the option of automatically adjusting the size and position of objects in line with the new layout.

About combit

Founded in 1988, combit develops and markets developer components for small and large corporations. combit has achieved brand name recognition and international success with its leading developer component, report generator List and Label. List & Label has been integrated in numerous custom software solutions and standard software applications around the world and is based on many years of expertise in the reporting sector.