Premier Studio 2014 R2 released

Premier Studio 2014 R2 released
New version adds Carousel and Map views.


Feature Release

January 04, 2015 - 0:00
Premier Studio 2014 R2 released
Sample applications built using Premier Studio.

Premier Studio includes more than 400 components across 7 platforms including ASP.NET, WPF, Silverlight, iOS and Android. It supports every browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome and Gecko) and offers advanced functionality like smart batch updates, client binding, text editing, spell checking, file uploading, hybrid-view presenters and more.

Updates in 2014 R2

  • Map View - Provide the ability to show contextual locations.
  • Carousel View - Display images in a more engaging way.
  • Calendar Month View - Easily track the agenda for a month. 
  • Integration with Xamarin Studio on Mac - Build great-looking and high-performance apps.
  • New Item Templates for iOS and Android - New templates include group header and footer view for iOS, Crosslight UIViewController with and without XIB, as well as Crosslight Sync Configuration for Android.
  • Form Builder - Support for 30+ editor types, loosely-coupled model binding, visibility binding and built-in data validation.
  • Built-in In-Line Editing Support - Implement direct editing when users tap on a cell.
  • Custom Edit Actions via Swipe Gesture - Support extra editing actions through a swipe gesture on a UITableView cell.
  • Modal View with Translucent Effects - Show translucent visual effects when performing navigation, particularly designed for modal navigation mode.
  • MVVM-enabled MapViews and ImageButton - Developers can now bind items using MVVM.
  • Auto Complete Edit Text - Designed for the Android platform, the auto complete EditText allows users to generate suggestions based on the text entered.
  • Better Grid Searching - In ValueList mode, you can now search for text based on what you see in the grid itself, displaying results on various predefined conditions.
  • Multiple Grid Row Operations via API - Now includes better support for batch operations including selecting, copy and pasting multiple rows using JavaScript.

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