Oxygene adds Cocoa Compiler

Oxygene adds Cocoa Compiler
Create fully native applications for Mac and iOS.


Feature Release

June 03, 2013 - 10:11
Oxygene adds Cocoa Compiler
Create apps using Oxygene.

Oxygene is a modern, object oriented programming language. It builds on the strong foundation of Object Pascal and extends it with many enhanced features. Language functionally in Oxygene include Class Contracts, Futures and Parallelism, Aspect Oriented Programming, Sequences and Queries, Mapped Types, and Duck Typing.

Updates in 6.0

  • Unit Level Visibility - Gives you more control over what parts of your code can access classes and members.
  • Comparisons - Support for low-overhead and precise comparisons between signed and unsigned integers of the same size. Starting with Oxygene 6, it is now valid and safe to compare, for example, an Int32 and a UInt32 (all platforms).
  • Oxygene for Cocoa - Introduces an all new compiler back-end that lets you create fully native applications for Mac and iOS.
  • New Functions - write() and writeLn() compiler functions have been added, making it easier to write information to the console from code shared between .NET, Cocoa and Java.
  • Block Types ("delegate" in .NET) - Can now be defined inline, for example in method or property declarations, without requiring an explicit named type declaration.
  • Futures - Support for futures has been expanded, allowing the assignment of "async anonymous methods" to future types.
  • Prefer 32 - New Prefer 32-bit flag for .NET executables. Run as 32-bit (on 64-bit systems) by default.
  • Android Toolchain - More reliably detect various Android SDK variations with support for new ATD Bundle version.

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