NetAdvantage adds Gantt Control

NetAdvantage adds Gantt Control
Include project management visualizations in your WPF and Silverlight applications.


Feature Release

October 18, 2012 - 0:00
NetAdvantage adds Gantt Control
User interfaces built using NetAdvantage for WPF.

Infragistics NetAdvantage for WPF and Infragistics NetAdvantage for Silverlight includes stylable user interface controls for geospatial mapping, interactive gauges, graphical timelines, animated charting and OLAP pivot grids. Use these UI controls to produce OLAP pivot grids, charts, maps, gauges, timelines, bullet graphs and barcodes.

Updates in 2012 Volume 2

  • Gantt Control - Gantt charts are scalable from daily to weekly to monthly time frames, with the ability to customize to specific user preferences.
  • Syntax Editor - Inspired by Microsoft’s Visual Studio code editor, the new Syntax Editor brings an extended code editing experience to your applications.
  • Syntax Parsing Engine - Process text based on grammar rules provided to the engine.
  • Geographic Map - Illustrate not only geographic data, but also thematic data such as climate, economic conditions and resources.
  • Grid - Support for data annotation, including specifying validation rules, determining how data is displayed and allowing them to set relationships between classes.
  • Data Chart - Create Data Charts with multi-dimensional data (OLAP data), enabling heavy-duty data visualization.
  • Pivot Grid - Excel-style filtering and a new compact layout that displays hierarchies in a tree-like structure.
  • Visual Studio 2012 Support - Design incredible user experiences with data visualizations for virtually any business scenario.

About Infragistics

Infragistics has been the market leader in the presentation layer components industry for over 18 years. With a comprehensive portfolio of multi-platform Enterprise Software products and services, they have achieved global reach in nearly every Fortune 2000 company. Infragistics empowers developers to build and style great application user interfaces for Windows Forms, ASP.NET, WPF and JSF, and additionally offers user interface test tools, support, training and consulting services.