Applitools Eyes gives us a great way to make sure our UI looks right on every browser.

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Automated Visual Testing

Automated testing of all the
visual aspects of your application.

Coded-UI Integration

Easy integration with Coded-UI
and other test automation tools.

Multiple Platform Support

Seamless testing on multiple platforms,
screen-resolutions and form-factors. Covers
all Web browsers and all mobile devices.

Visual Self-Explanatory Logs

Visual test timeline points you
immediately to any failed test steps.

Latest News

Applitools Eyes Launched  

The first Cloud Service for automated visual testing of Web, mobile and desktop applications.

About Applitools

Applitools has developed a cloud based software testing tool that automatically validates all the visual aspects of Web, Mobile and Desktop apps like a manual tester does only much faster and more accurately. Applitools’ disruptive technology automatically validates the correctness of the UI layout, content and appearance, and enables the automation of tests that could only be done manually without it.  It can test apps on any browser, device, OS and programing language, on any screen resolution and form-factor. Applitools provides an unprecedented visual failure analysis and test coverage analysis that result in better and faster app release process.